Women As Writers – Day No. 10

I had another post planned for today but with it being day ten and being exhausted with the writing, something else came to my mind. Being a female writer.

sad-writerBeing a writer now, especially easy, is a very accepted thing. You tell someone a writer and boom, they are impressed. It’s really hard to believe that it used to be a male dominated world. Poets were male. Writers were male. Playwrights were male. I can probably list on one hand the female writers of the 1800’s. Even into the mid 1900’s there were very few female writers.

Now, I would say that writing is a predominantly female profession. You hear more about a woman writer then male and there are a lot of women writers. More than three quarters of the authors I read are women writers.  They dominate the fiction world especially, throwing in all the romance genre, along with young adult.  Young adult is specifically filled with women writers.

It’s an interesting thing to think about considering most of the classics of old are written by male writers and the books were good. I love some of the classics. I love the poets from long ago. But what I find even more interesting is how much I enjoy the way a man writes poetry or the fiction from ‘long ago’.  I love how women write. I can totally relate to what they are saying, but the way a man writes feels like he’s writing it to me. He is whispering something rather amazing to me.

So while I love being a woman writer, I sometimes feel like I can’t ever express the lyrical romance the way a man can. Now I don’t think male writers of today have this ability. Shakespeare, Tennyson, Scott, Dumas, etc…. Have a way of writing romance that is so perfect I want to spin around in a circle of happiness. I cannot write like that, nor have I ever read anything a woman has written that is like the way they can write.

It’s an interesting thought. I would say the same applies to music. Male singers have this way of singing about women in a pure, poetical way that I never see female singers be able to do. Women never describe men in the completely romantic way so many songs directed at women are done. Male singers just seem to hit that perfection that women can’t or don’t repeat.

So, in conclusion, I think a lot of women writers could learn something from male writers. I also think the reverse could be said in the detail department. That’s another whole post, but male writers, especially now, do not deal in detail….