Whenever You Come Around – A Review

_225_350_Book.1585.coverWhenever You Come Around : A Kings Meadow Romance by Robin Lee Hatcher

Charity Anderson grew up in Kings Meadow having a crush on Buck Malone through high school, but then she went to college, partied, and made some big mistakes that she has kept from everyone, even herself. She grew up and became a semi famous author. A flood forces her to leave her Boise home in the hands of contractors for massive repairs, so she relocates back to her parent’s home in Kings Meadow for the summer while they are off in Europe for a vacation of a lifetime. She’s there to write her new novel, a romance story she really hasn’t ever written before. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Buck Malone is her parent’s neighbor. When a fluke accident with Buck, Charity, and Charity’s dog, Cocoa, leaves Buck with a broken ankle and wrist, Buck is left having to rely on friends, family, and Charity to help him get through this time. A time that will be tough since he is a back country guide, and now his business is at a complete standstill.

But matters of the heart are at stake as Charity and Buck grow closer, despite Charity’s past coming back to sink it’s claws into what could be a marvelous relationship.  Meanwhile, Buck is struggling with the fact that he’s been a bit of a lady’s man in Kings Meadow and he doesn’t want to settle down.  Or does he?  Will Charity’s sweetness work on him, softening him up?  Will Buck’s strength give Charity the ability to tell her secrets she’s kept from everyone?  Will Charity stay or go home to Boise?  Will Buck heal and go back to his guide business?  Only time will tell in this short, sweet romance.

I was in the mood for a ‘western’ themed book when I selected this.  It is part of series of stories Robin Lee Hatcher has set in King’s Meadow. The struggles are real, and I really like the fact that the heroine was a writer/author. I have a penchant for those types of stories.  The writing was really good and I loved how Ms. Hatcher brought in touches of modern things, like Pinterest and cell phones and various other things that I find a lot of authors leave out of books taking place in our current time.  The mistakes Charity had made in the past and kept secret were real, and how she kept them a secret was part of what made her a woman who found it hard to trust other people

Spoiler Alert Highlight to Read

Charity partied in college, got drunk, slept with a former high school classmate, got pregnant, then the baby miscarried

For the most part, this was a pretty romance. Nothing spectacular, though I did like how Charity and Buck were immediately affected by their first kiss. I just thought the story dragged out a little longer than needed and added bits of information left me wondering where I was in the story and how it fit.  It’s not so much that they didn’t fit, but they needed to fit a little better so the moving from scene to scene flowed better and I wasn’t left wondering how something moved the story forward. There are some aspects I was left scratching my head over.  And I felt the ending was a little too long in coming.  It really wasn’t until the last three pages that the whole story and issues were solved and BOOM! story is over.  I think an epilogue would have been helpful because I felt like I was left hanging in the middle of the story.

I’m curious about trying more of Ms. Hatcher’s books. I would give this a 3 out of 5 stars.


This book was provided to me free from BookLookBloggers and HarperCollins Christian Publishing for my honest review. I was in no way compensated for my opinion.




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