Free Write on Christina Hendricks

Christian Hendricks has recently gone from bombshell redhead to bombshell blonde. Trading in her ‘fake’ red hair for a new golden blonde look that is supposed to remind her of her childhood. Christina Hendricks is known best for Joan on Mad Men. With her classic look of confident secretary and all around girl Friday, in more ways than one….I feel like I should insert a “wink wink” feeling there. Because even if you don’t know much about Mad Men, which I don’t because I don’t watch the show, just take a quick bing or google search on her and you can find all kinds of stuff. Mostly her affair, and a sexy one at that, with Roger. And who wouldn’t want to have an affair with Roger. I mean, he is a stunningly handsome man. Don’t get me started on his clearly obvious chauvanistic side.  I think that was de riger for the 60’s.
But Christina is one of those classic looking bombshells. A body that is clearly curvy and svelte, and vivacious, and sexy.  She is the Marilyn Monroe of today. I somewhat envy her. The ability to look so sexy and to have those curves and a voice that makes you tingle.  Womanly enough to know what’s going on, but girlish enough to show the vulnerable side.

I feel a lot more like a little girl despite being one month from turning 33.  I do not have a curvacious body and part of me is okay with that. I’m not saying I don’t have my curves, but they are more slimming. I don’t have a ton of extra weight on me, not that I’m thin. It’s all in how you view me, I suppose.

And it reminds me of something I just listened to by Adam La Dolce about how every girl has a guy that likes her type. You are somebodies type, for which I can say, thank God, because I sometimes feel like I’m nobody’s type. Oh sure, I have guys that show interest, but I’ve had lots of guys show interest, but I’m thinking their intentions are more of a quick lay. Sounds horrible, but that’s just an opinion since I have been hit on by men in there 60’s back when I was in my early 20’s. I seem to attract this unsavory element of men. I wonder if I looked like Christina, if I would have the same thing or worse?  Maybe I would  be hit on more. Or maybe I would be more confident to look down my nose and say, “Yeah right, buddy. Do you really think I’m interested in you?”

Who knows. I’m not Christina, and honestly I’m kind of disappointed she has decided to convert to being a blonde. I thought she was rather unique in her red headed-ness. There aren’t too many redheads in Hollywood. Other than Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, I can’t think of anyone else.   And I kind of want to see this sexy redhead doing a really amazing role. Not just a secretary come part owner… (I really know very little about the show, so I can’t say what exactly she does on Mad Men)  I want to see her in this incredibly inspiring role because I want to see a woman who is bombshell sexy being in a strong role. I’m tire dof seeing a lot of women in a strong role, but being more boyish. I’m not saying anything is wrong with that, but I am a woman who wants to be a woman, and I want to see women being uber sexy.

I don’t feel I’m super sexy, but I like to think I have enough femininity to be considered sexy. I like my girly side. I like all the things women get to indulge in from the nails and hair products to the jewelry and lacy underthings. The sensual perfumes and eye enhancing makeups. Give me the  women’s products section of a store, IE Raleys, and I want to putter around for ages. I love all things girly.

My new  fascination has been hair ties, and different nail products, and pin curls.  But my pin curls fascination has been a few years in coming. I wonder what Christina would look like in a pin curl set? Put her back in the 20’s or 30’s with that look.  Course svelte was not the style from the 20’s. Just look at Downton Abbey with their  straight style and boyish figures. But I guess you could do some period piece with her. And I’m always thinking period pieces now because of Downton Abbey and my new love of anything British from the early 1900s through the mid 30s.  Especially from World War 1.  Ooh, she could play a nurse on the front…. Okay, maybe not.  I can’t see her as really doing that. Maybe working in the war office…..

Well, she’s gone blonde. I think I might miss her red hair.


(Side note, this is my free write for day one of Writing 101. I’m not sure if this is exactly right, but it was kind of freeing to just jabber on and say what I was thinking)

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