Passionate Perspective – A Found Poem

Passionate Perspective Found Poem

I think I was limiting myself to what I could write about by using fashion magazines. 😛 but still, it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. And it was fun snipping and pasting with tweezers… My father said I would be terrible at ransom notes due to fingerprints on all the words…. Well, since I won’t be attempting to ransom something, I should be fine. And I loved finding a landscape picture to paste the words on.

I think of this poem as more of a metaphor. I do have my camera, and the photographs of the country are this story of a landscape. Something to escape and dream about. It’s semi vague, but isn’t all poetry sometimes?

I liked trying to find different sizes and colors. I don’t know if I got the whole theme of enumeratio. Did I use enough “and’s”? I liked starting every other line with one.  I’ve been wanting to do this type of found poetry for a while now. Is blackout poetry the same? I kind of think it is. I’ve wanted to do a piece of found poetry using the town bulletin board at the post office. With all its flyers, it’s a treasure trove of found poetry just waiting to happen.

And if you can’t read the poem, here it is again in print.

in my camera the photographs of country light
   and stunning grace and freedom
is a passionate perspective
   and reaching across the fair northern sky
a new direction, a breath of fresh air
   and spectacular joy and living
fall color and strong white light
   and look to move forward to
Fling open the door
   and see a day of dreams.

10 thoughts on “Passionate Perspective – A Found Poem

  1. Very well done indeed! Mine came from fashion magazines too, I think they’re a god resource for something based on landscapes, like the poetry of The Romantics, whimsical and passionate … I love the idea of putting it on a landscape picture too.

        • Oh gosh, newspapers are so boring as far as fonts. That’s what I love about fashion mags. And all the makeup ads have color and fun stuff. You could really have a blast making poetry from all the words you clip out. I actually kept the words I didn’t use for some other time. I mean, why hunt for words if you already have some?

          • Exactly! How funny, that’s exactly what I did! I got so carried away with cutting out so many lovely words, that I’ve probably got enough for a few more poems! I was thinking of starting a little folder full… 🙂

          • That’s a great idea! A little tin or box of cut out words. If anything, you could paste them in your journal or notebook… I think that is brilliant. I actually wanted to spend more time cutting out words than creating the poem. It’s sad… But so much fun.

    • I loved doing it as well and I hope to incorporate it into more poetry over time. It’s fun to see it pasted on something… and I love Blackout poetry. Thank you so much and the fingerprints give it character. 🙂

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