A Ballad of Cowboys in Books – Poetry

I was born and raised to love cowboys
From Duke to Eastwood for sure
John Wayne was always my guy,
And Eastwood I would hate to endure

I loved every Zane Grey I read
And Louis L’Amour was the same
Fair ladies to save from the rustlers
And the cows headed home on the range

As I have grown much older and wise
I still have cowboys in dreams
They’re rough and they’re tough
And in books they’re my favorite theme

Right now I’m reading a western story
Of love,riders, horses, and life
The cowboy is handsome and smart
And the lady he’ll win for his heart.


This is my current book to read and review. How could you not love a cowboy that looked like this?

I know I don’t have the meter quite right, and some of the rhyming is off, but after thinking about what a ballad should be about, and the fact that I love cowboys, this seemed like the ideal hero.  While I don’t actually think that much about cowboys, occasionally I just want to sigh with longing for a good John Wayne film.  I am actually reading this silly Christian romance book with a gorgeous cowboy. It puts me in the mood for anything western.  A cowboy up on a horse saving the fair maiden…. or rescuing her as she gets into a pickle…

I could not even attempt Anaphora/Epistrophe.  I’ve never been good with they rhyme thing anyhow, but I think I would like to attempt to try it sometime.  It sounds like a really fun device for writing poetry.

So, cowboys and westerns for my hero ballad. It’s a start that I think I want to improve upon.