An Elegy of Online Dating – Poetry

Dante wrote about Purgatorio and the mists below
While you compared it to Silent Hill
I wondered could we escape the games and forgo
All the pain this dating is uphill.

We tried to become something more impossible
And I got lost in how you talked
Sometimes two people are not possible
A romance that is over talked.

A murkiness obscures my sanity
I’m left wishing it was done
Shrieking out fits of profanity
While you are sulking in your fun.

I was hopeful this  thing would work with you
But you have made me shy away
It seems a waste of time so hard to do
And I want you out of my life today.

Should I give this online thing another try
Trying men on like endless shoes
Or should I hide and back away to cry
Or dust of  my heart that’s bruised?

Okay, this was one of the harder forms. I don’t do elegies, and I’m not even sure this is an elegy.  I was struggling trying to figure what one even was, despite reading Tennyson and Emile Bronte. Both wrote elegies and I like them, but I rarely deal in sad rhyme.  But, it’s an attempt and I would like to branch out with this one.  Fog, I’m not sure the metaphor is there enough.  Fog was something this online guy and I were discussing and how Dante wrote about it in Purgatory (I’m reading the Inferno right now) and this guy compared it to the horror film Silent Hill, something I refuse to see.

Well, anyways, it’s an attempt.



10 thoughts on “An Elegy of Online Dating – Poetry

  1. I like this, though I didn’t expect to. I generally shy away from anything to do with dating thes days. I especially like the 3rd stanza. There’s humour to the anger, was that intentional? I’m afraid find humour in all sorts of innapropriate places, and never know whether it’s deliberate.Thank you for sharing.
    (you can edit this bit out of my comment out – have a look at the last line, it has a ‘the’ in it which doesn’t belong.)

    • No you are right about the extra ‘the’. That was not supposed to be there. 😛 I fixed that.

      Yes, the humor is there, because I’m not actually shrieking profanity. Though it might be fun to. No, I was just wanting to slam my head against my keyboard this week after ridiculous emails. I’m thinking of shying away from this online thing too, at some point.

      • Not to throw a spanner in the works, or anything… My brother met his wife online about 10 years ago. They spent a long time communicating through the web before they met. They have a wonderful marriage. (Perhaps I should mention that they live in different countries, and only see each other for about 6 months of the year!)

        • Oh my gosh, I’m laughing at the 6 months apart. No, my girl friend told me about friends of hers that met online and it’s worked out great. I don’t distrust it; I’ve just not had much luck with it.

    • Oh gosh, I commiserate with you! Thank you for your comment! Yes, online dating, it’s a study in humiliation, and sadness, and annoyance, moments of “why am I doing this…”. Heck, the whole thing is an elegy!

  2. I lucked out in the online dating arena. Of the three guys I met, none of them were complete creeps and the last one became my husband. 🙂 He had a rough go of it, though, and has a bunch of horror stories to tell.

    • Oh, that is so wonderful that you lucked out with online dating and then met your husband! What a wonderful story. As for your husband, I feel for him, except now he has you. I’m not in horror story category….yet, but I have hope!

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