Poetry – Journey Limerick, Oh God

(Because Limerick should stay a place, not be a poem!)


There was a young man on a journey
From Jaberwocky to Jamburry*
He jetted and jived
As he jolly jump dived
But he never went to see Journey.


There was a man on his travels
Whose sweaters always unraveled
But he carried some string
Some very fine thing
And knitted while walking on gravel.


I knew of a man from Kearney
Who said he went to see Journey
He wore crazy sweaters
Said they were better
And he did travel to Burney

*Not a real place, but who said these had to be real words?

Oh my gosh. I have never been a fan of limericks. Partly because they never turn out right in my opinion. And these are far from right. They are so out of left field. I wanted to write about journey as a metaphor. Partly because I am dealing with online dating. (that is so much of a journey) But I couldn’t get the word ‘journey’ out of my head. So these are really really bad limericks!  But how can you not laugh?


Enjoy. Maybe tomorrow will be better. And maybe I can play around with ‘journey’ as a metaphor later.






2 thoughts on “Poetry – Journey Limerick, Oh God

  1. You are so right – limericks are bad jokes and the town is not a joke it is a perfectly respectable place. But your efforts were worth reading. A chance to be not too serious, quite a lot of poetry is either really good at being serious or else tries too hard to be. Are limericks a wee bit of bad taste? Hope you get a good result from the online dating, maybe don’t take that too seriously either? [until it works]

    • Well thank you so much for your comments. I think Limerick looks like a perfectly lovely place to visit, and as for my efforts, well I like silly, but not too silly. And I hate super serious poetry… My elegy turned out humorous in some ways. Oh, I have to joke around with online dating because it can be a little sad. I have to make light of it, and as you said [until it works]. Thank you again for reading and enjoying. 🙂

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