Unrequited Letters – Flash Fiction

He poured his heart and passion into the letters he wrote her. Long, romantic missives. Short, tiny notes folded into secret notes. He told her of his hopes and dreams. Of his delight in her newest dress or the remark she made as she conversed with the grocer. 

He had mounts of letters. Piled so high a slight breeze might disturb and send the snowy sheets into a cascade of drifts and eddies around his small study.

For he never sent her the letters. Always afraid of how she would respond to his devotion, he wrote letters till he died, always pining for her.


Letters, and specifically love letters, have been in my mind lately. I have been thinking about writing letters to lovers

Bright Star (film)

Bright Star (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(not that I have any at this moment… and note the use of the plural. I’m laughing at that) Writing letters to friends and families. I love how John Keats and Fanny Brawne wrote letters, though that whole thing is rather tragic. We won’t go there.


I love letters. Have I mentioned that a time or two? *said with tongue in cheek* I’m sure you could search my posts for just letters and find all kinds.


I long to write a lover a love letter. Pull out my red wine ink and pen something that is romantic. And this bit of flash fiction made me think of that and unrequited love, which has hit me a time or two.


4 thoughts on “Unrequited Letters – Flash Fiction

  1. Letter writing is an all time favorite of mine, this valentines I wrote my girlfriend an valentines love letter instead of buying a card… and plan to read it to her this evening again for her.

    To me writing is a very important way of expression and communication sometimes to get things out when they are unable to be said, and so many forget the art of hand written letters…

    • Wow, thank you so much for commenting on this. I have been wondering if there are people out there that do write love letters, especially guys. This makes me so happy to hear that someone is doing this!
      Writing is an amazing way to express and communicate your thoughts. Though I draw the line at email. For some reason, writing something by hand makes you think and have to plot it out carefully.
      Honestly, you made my day by saying you like to write letters. (shameless plug) but I wrote an ‘open letter’ to a dating blogger entitled “And Open Letter to James M. Sama“. I think it was back on the 20th of January. You might like reading that too.
      Again, thank you so much. You have restored some faith back into the art of letter writing, and the people that do this.

      • Yes I found your blog through james website, I’m a long time follower and believer in his page and he has quoted me in return on various topics. I believe highly in writing and expression with another… I actually read my valentine letter to my beloved valentine last night just before we went to bed and she melted as I handed her a tissue, it was an wonderful feeling… Have a wonderful day Kate

        • Oh wow , thank you. Yes, he is rather amazing and that is so cool he has quoted you in the past. I can only imagine how wonderful your love felt when you read the letter. It is definitely an under-appreciated and underrated method of expression.
          I thank you again for commenting and reading this post. I also compliment you on your loyalty to James Sama.

          Have a great evening, J.

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