Suck the Fat



I love this. I keep bouncing up against it when I pop into one of my folders and it always makes me laugh.
Granted, I try to avoid people that suck the life out of me…. except for the people that take my blood when I donate. I actually like them…. And they are sucking my life….. Lol.

My advice is to avoid people that suck the life.

Happy Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Suck the Fat

    • If you are a listener, and a lot of women are, the life sucking people seem to flock to you. I found myself in a 3 part conversation with a woman today that is a life sucker in her own way. Needless to say, I’m a little out of sorts because of that. And I do not feel like I lost any fat!

      • Kate, you sound a lot like my wife. She likes to let others talk about their problems, as she does not want to share hers as much. Usually, the others have exhausted other relationships and moved on to her as she is such a good listener. Yet, she has some friends that wear her out and I ask her this question periodically, “are you getting anything out of this relationship? Because if you are not, do you want it to continue or compartmentalize it more.” The compartmentalizing route is to put time borders around getting together. Her challenge is not taking on others problems and negativity. I wish for both of you the patience of Job and wisdom of Solomon. Take care, BTG

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