Saturday Inspires – Bookshelves

I have this thing about bookshelves. Maybe because I don’t have very many and what I do have is filled to the brim, but you want to see me drool, show me full, gorgeous bookshelves.  I want a house big enough for all my books, with a little room to spare.  I want to marry a man who will let me have those bookshelves… or he comes with a house that has empty bookshelves.  Honestly, I really don’t care, but I want gorgeous bookshelves.

So, today’s inspiration is gorgeous bookshelves.  Start the drooling.

For those interested, BookshelfPorn is a really good drool-worthy site.

Signing off


4 thoughts on “Saturday Inspires – Bookshelves

  1. Beautiful! I’m the same way. My husband and I have discussed extensively what our library will look like in our future dream house, and no other part of the house. But our library will be amazing. 🙂

    • Well, I hope this gave you some inspiration! Of course your library will be amazing. I think anyone’s even if it’s tiny is just incredible. I think it’s the whole, books neatly lined up, that make something kind of magical. Knowing that you have words at your fingertips at any moment. Knowing that you can pull off a book and it will be held waiting there in a sort of stasis that’s perfection. (can you tell I love bookshelves? Maybe it’s the years I worked in the town library.) 🙂 I love hearing someone who plans what their library will look like. Makes me feel all gooey inside.

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