Dystopian Vs. Dystopian

You can take your Hunger Games.  I’ll take Divergent.

So, in this past year and a half, the theme of young adult books has left the realm of vampires, thank God, and moved onto the dystopian universe thing.  The government has ended all normalcy and everyone is out to get the next. You have either the Hunger Game theme of totalitarian controlled government that has a violent Olympic battle to the death…. Quite popular amongst people that I think are a. to old to be reading it and enjoying it so much (shutup about my love of Twilight. Bella and Edward transcend all romance….) or b. too young to be reading something so violent.

Then you have the Divergent theme of government falling to war so we set up this five split set of factions where you live work and marry into.  Oh, your kids can divert from that faction but they can never see you again. The system works perfectly… except for those people that have aspects of more than one faction….

What camp am I in? I choose Divergent.  Now all those Hunger Game fans. STOP.  I’m not dissing on your love of Katniss.  Go right ahead. I view it as no different than those people that read Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter. (I am a strict HP fan) I think the theme of Divergent is a lot less violent.  Granted, I have not read Hunger Games, nor do I plan to. But I have seen the film, and I’ve also seen Divergent. I found Divergent a lot less violent, and just more appealing.  I like extraordinary people taking on the oppressive government system.  I like the relationship of Tris and Four ( I am not giving away spoilers. I know some people have not read the series. I suggest you try it.)

Personally though, I am not that big a fan of dystopian themes.  I mean, sure, they make great sci fi films, but eh, I could take em or leave em. Part of the reason I’ve enjoyed Divergent is it’s a fairly fast, but action packed series.  I like that. The same reason I really like The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.  There is a lot of action.

And I honestly don’t see how these books should be for young adults as the themes in them are very adult, but that is another post I hope to talk about soon.

So, what camp are you. Comment below. I’d like to see if my idea is right. So tell me where you are.



Hunger Games

Signing off


5 thoughts on “Dystopian Vs. Dystopian

  1. While I admire the themes in both novels and find them to be fascinating, I disagree that Divergent is “less violent”. I think it just has a different type of violence. And actually in the books, the intensity is about the same, I was appalled at how much violence was taken out of the Divergent movie. Tris gets her ass kicked daily for weeks, and there was that thing with Edward and Peter, and none of that was really well done in the movie.
    I think you should at least read the first Hunger Games novel to relate them properly.

    • Okay, I might agree with the different type of violence, though if comparing both films, I found Hunger Games’s violence more sadistic. Yes in Divergent, there is the whole Edward and Peter moment that is violent. But if you take the rest of the violence in the story, it isn’t for some sadistic ‘game’ like the Roman gladiators that Hunger Games is about. It’s for an honest control of society. Divergent is about one side not agreeing with the other, which is what wars are like, but it’s not a game. That’s where I take my issue.

      As per reading Hunger Games, I don’t feel it necessary to read it to relate. While I was making somewhat of a comparison, I was mostly stating that I like Divergent’s theme. Hence why I also compared using just the films.
      You can’t compare film to books and say, oh well Divergent was more violent in the book than say the Hunger Games film. Which is why I compared Divergent film to Hunger Games film.

  2. Don’t laugh, but I’ve never read Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Lord of the Rings! I have seen the LOTR movies once (didn’t care for them), but I’m probably not the best one to be offering advice as to which is best! I enjoyed reading your perspective, though. 🙂

    • I’m not laughing. You wouldn’t like any of them most likely, but that’s okay. I’m not a huge fan of LOTR films either. They are rather dark and VERY violent in my opinion. I am enjoying the three part Hobbit films, but if I had to take it or leave it, I would leave it.
      I’m getting tired of all the violence within young adult novels. It’s far from what I grew up with so, I find that I need to be critical of more. That being said, I can enjoy a series but not get caught up in it. Most people adore Hunger Games. But every single adult I talk to, and by adult I mean anyone 50 and up, because most the people reading HG act like children still (my opinion) anyways, every adult says HG is incredibly violent and doesn’t like it. And that’s just the film. I know that the book’s violence would be even more because they always take out a lot from books for the film.
      You are not missing that much, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading my perspective. 🙂

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