Vampire Luuuv

Ah, love scenes in books.  They are the thing we all hunt for when we want a little something more, and by ‘we’, I mean women. I don’t think most guys go hunting for the love scenes considering very few men read romance.  And when you get a good love scene, well, it’s really good.

But when it’s bad…..


Stefan TVD

I’m listening to an audio book right now that is all vampires, ghouls, demons, and yes, vampire sex.  What is this fascination with vampires, sex, and the thing that takes it from vanilla to devil’s food red, blood.  There is always blood involved with vampire sex.  A bite here, a suck there and bada boom bada bing, everybody is happy.  Vampire gets a meal, human (or in the rare vamp book another actual vampire) get’s the most mind blowing O in the world. Because, hey, yeah, the human is usually a woman.

See, here’s the thing I don’t get. If a normal human man were to bite a woman while getting it on, there would be screaming involved. Trust me, I would be screaming and kicking and hitting and trying my darnedest to get away from biting man, but if it’s a vampire, hey no big deal. He can bite me. He can suck my blood. He can leave it dripping down my neck, shoulder, or breast. I don’t mind…..

Right. Sure. Uh huh.

What, because he’s a sexy hunk it’s okay? It honestly makes no sense why we lap this stuff up and actually enjoy reading/listening/watching/ this very perverse thing. Is it because the vampire is sexy? Does that make it okay?

If it’s Lestat no problem, but vampire Bubba on the other hand, well would we go for that? (and writing Bubba I just remembered that he’s the vampire Elvis in the Charlene Harris books….. you know, Sookie…..)

See, there’s another example. Because Eric Northman is so sexy, we are just okay with him having a little nibble. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US, PEOPLE? (by the way, here are some vamps I think are sexy. I’m partial mostly to Angel and Eric, but who wouldn’t….)

Well, this book I’m listening to, it finally got to the love scenes and honestly I was highly disappointed. They just were not written well, considering a whole scene prior to any of this was just human girl watch vampire boy (woman/man whatever) take a very sexy shower.  Now the shower scene was hot. All the little bits and pieces of attraction are really blushingly good.  But the sex…. Shoot me now. Then you have to go throwing in the biting and the blood and honestly that does not help make it any better.


So, now that I’ve ranted, here’s a little poll for you. Are you for vampire sex or not? Pick your choices and give me a shout out about what you think about all of this. You can even include Twilight…. I happen to be a fan of the feather scene of Breaking Dawn. I always liked it. And oh look…. no blood.

Signing off


One thought on “Vampire Luuuv

  1. Reblogged this on Kat Webber and commented:
    I think a like vampire action can be sexy…
    and so can a little biting on the human side. I would draw the line at blood drawing for both of those parties…unless you know, the vampire NEEDED it.

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