Oh Look, The Jealous Factor Creeping In

Oh lord, there it is. You are reading along in a blog then you come across a comment, or something that tells you that another person is a writer trying to get published. And in that instant, boom! You have the green eyed lady smacking you in the face and making you see, well, green. You know this has all happened to you, right? The jealous factor that you have more competition. It isn’t enough that you have your own neurosis to deal with, but now you have that added pressure that someone else might get published before you do. And it’s even worse if you see that they are trying to get an agent, a publisher, a query letter, in your field of writing. For that split second you want to dash their dreams into the ground because, hey, writing is a cutthroat world and YOU want to be published first.

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I had this happen to me the other day and I almost screamed for that one moment when I realized I was just one of tons of people trying to publish and I’m not putting in the every day work required to do this. I’m blaming several bloggers I follow, who’s general writings are putting pressure on me. It’s all your fault, people that have ambitions.

Ironically, I just started reading a post by J. Sander of Don’t Delete Me, about our day jobs and wishing our day jobs were writing jobs. First thing tackled is about how you are just one person and there are millions out there that are doing the same thing as you. Gasp, hold on while I take a moment to breathe. BREATHE! That can make anyone panic. Does it make you panic and think you might as well give up now? It makes me for a flash moment.

I even panicked today when I was reading Cassandra Clare’s bio and realizing that I will never, let me stress, NEVER, be that good. (I know, I’m already self destroying myself) Along with the panic was to work on my cover letter, but still, I am constantly panicking that I will never be good enough, that I will always be striving for the impossible, that I might as well give up now. There is the drive to succeed, and the fear of falling flat on my face. I think the fear is more 80% instead of a more level number. (it shouldn’t be that high, should it?)

And there is the constant jealousy that while I’m super happy for anyone that can be published, I also want them to fall flat on their face and make way for me to be published. It’s sick and twisted.

But I bet I’m not the only one, am I?

So, how often do you feel the green lady’s gaze clouding your judgement? Do you get panicked and want to just throw in the towel? D

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8 thoughts on “Oh Look, The Jealous Factor Creeping In

  1. I do feel that, though I’m not sure how often. I especially feel it when someone gets traditionally published after writing for a short period of time, when I’ve been writing my whole life! I’m happy for them, but mostly SUPER frustrated and jealous.

    So no, you’re not alone!

    • I feel that way sometimes about self published people. They write a book and boom, 3 months later they say, Hey I’m Published! I guess it’s just really hard when we work as much as we do and feel like we are never going to get there.

      • For whatever reason, I’m not as threatened or jealous of self published authors. If they had gone the traditional route, they’d probably be in the same boat we are. I’ve never considered self publishing, personally. Just not my thing. But I understand your frustration.

        • Oh, my feelings towards self published is far from rational. Jealousy is never rational in all reality. I go through moments where just someone being published, no matter what route they go, irks me. Wow, it’s nice to hear of someone else going traditional. It’s a hard road, but hang in there. I wish I could say it gets easier, but I have issues just getting my letters out to agents. :/

  2. Thanks for linking to my post Kate!

    I get jealous not only about other writers accomplishments in publishing but also in other writers ability to write! Writing consistantly, and keeping what I write is something I have to work on daily. Some writers seem to have such a easy time writing…or so it seems, whose to truly know? I think some jealousy is normal though, and it’s good to just roll with it as long as you don’t let it control your actions or most importantly…your writing!

    • Thank you for writing such a great post so I could link!

      Oh, writing consistantly. It’s really hard isn’t it? I’m not good at it and I am easily distracted. When I hear about someone writing 3000 words a day, I want to scream. Not because I’m annoyed with them, but because I feel like I’m such a bad writer because I go through periods where I don’t write at all. I totally understand you. And yes, rolling with it and not letting it control your actions does help. 🙂

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