Book Excitement

It’s not often I come home from a jaunt into town super excited about a book or books. Yeah, I go to the library every week, and by every, I mean EVERY week, and sometimes even more.  The last time I think I got excited was several months ago when I found The Tale of Gengi and The Tale of Murasaki by Liza Dalby, author of East Wind Melts the Ice. I love Liza Dalby’s East Wind book and in it she mentioned both of the aforementioned books.  That was a really exciting day because I have been wanting to read both of those books quite a lot.

Well, I think today topped the list of exciting days. (gifts of books don’t count)

I walked into my second hand store for cardstock and a pair of jeans, and instead, I walked out with a set of Jane Austen books sans P&P.  (I can handle the lack of P&P because my father has a super fancy copy that is now ‘mine’)  And here they are.Jane AustenJane StackPretty, pretty books.  Now which one to read first!  I think I’ll start with Emma because that’s been one I’ve wanted to read for ages.

So, one of the best book shopping days ever!

Signing off


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7 thoughts on “Book Excitement

  1. Emma is wonderful! (Actually all of Austen’s books are wonderful!) These editions are adorable. Awesome finds!

    • They are so pretty and that makes it even better. No point in reading an ugly book, especially if it’s an Austen. I LOVE Persuasion, and it’s my fave hands down as well. I tell everyone to read it.

      • Me too! Anne Elliot is my favorite Austen heroine. I know most people like Lizzie Bennet, but I’m an Anne girl, all the way. And Captain Wentworth (which is a fabulous name, to begin with), is just as swoon-worthy (if not more!) than Mr. Darcy.

        Yep. I said it. Mr. Darcy isn’t my favorite Austen hero.

        • Oh, I am such a Captain Wentworth fan. Darcy is wonderful(ish) that whole insulting marriage proposal leaves a lot to be desired. But Frederick. The name is just too perfect, I agree. Though I have to admit I adore Mr. Knightley. He’s like the male Anne Elliot.
          And Anne is so pragmatic and sensible that you can’t not admire her. All the other heroines, excluding Lizzie, are a bit flighty. Well except Elinor Dashwood. But Persuasion is the best. Those lines are just wonderful. I have a little pocket HB my mother gave me. Gorgeous little red thing that I can slip in a purse, and I do take it with me places. I love it so.

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