Word of the Day — Aitch

Aitch.  Yes, surprisingly this is a word.  Though how you can say a sound is a word blows my mind.  Any guesses as to what aitch means?  No?  Don’t feel bad. I had to read the definition a couple times in the dictionary before it made any sense.  Guess the blonde hair was out in full force.


noun \ˈāch\

Definition of AITCH

:  the letter h
Yes, that is all it stands for.  The phonetic spelling of the letter H.  And today’s post is brought to you by the letter H.  Hat, hairy, and Hampshire.  Oh, pardon. In Hartford, Harriford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly happen…..
Unfortunately I’m not quite sure how I will ever use aitch in a sentence.  Maybe a poem… a la e.e. cummings.  Who knows.
So enjoy that bit of word trivia today.  Oh, and here is some other trivia…. hidden amongst this post.  This specific post is number 300!  Wow, I’ve written three hundred things? That is just not possible! Woo Hoo!
Signing off
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