Word of the Day — Folium

Folium    (fō′lē-əm)

n. pl. fo·li·a (-lē-ə)

1. Geology A thin,  layer or stratum occurring especially in metamorphic rock.
2. Mathematics A plane cubic curve having a single loop, a node, and two ends asymptotic to the same line.
So, this is one of those words you won’t be using much but I found it by chance and I thought it funny that it came right after Foliolate, foliose and other -folio words, considering those last two have to deal with leaves and foliage.  However, Folium is a thin leaflike layer so, I guess it fits, it’s just odd.
The question is, how in the world would anyone but a geologist or mathematician ever use that word?  It is fun to say though.
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