New Feature – Word of the Day

I’m am starting a new feature on Kate’s Bookshelf —- Word of the Day.  Basically it is just words I find fun to say,  ones that have great meanings, obscure words, and something I have either read or heard used that I think should be used.  So, enjoy, and if you collect words like I do, then feel free to ‘steal’ these from me.  I gladly hand them to you.

Today’s word.

Brisk   :  adjective \ˈbrisk\


  1. quick in manner or movement
  2. cool, dry and bracing
  3. pungent, keen, sharp

So, not like the tea… but tea can be brisk.  It is that bite that some teas have.  Usually for me, a brisk tea means bring on the milk and sugar.

And as for weather… Today was definitely brisk. In Northern CA, and by that I mean far north, none of you namby pamby SanFran Bayers, it was a very brisk, windy day.  A severe bite in the air with a definite need for coats.  The sky is blue, the air is clear and I’m glad I’m indoors.

So…. There we have our first word of the day.

Signing off


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