That Vampire-y Time Of Year

Eden Vampire EditedIt’s that time of year when the ghosts, witches, and yes, vampires come out.  Honestly, I can’t really explain the fascination with vampires, though it seems to be a zombie kind of year….(why, WHY? Please let it end! Stop those zombies so we can get back to vampires please!)

I saw this costume idea for guys in a newsletter : Make your move in your best suit or tuxedo with a pair of sexy fangs and an elegant red cape.

Wow, doesn’t that just sound yummy?  Us gals seem to have this delight in sexy vampires.  Go figure.  Is it the Power? The Control?  The Fangs?  What is it about a vampire we like?

Eric Northman

Eric Northman

We go gaga over the Eric Northmans of the tv world.  And I’m just dying, no pun intended, to see the new Dracula with Jonathan Rys Meyers.0022-735x1024  Oh, and don’t forget about Vampire Diaries, and the gorgeous Aiden in Being Human (USA edition).

Sam Witwer as Aiden Turner

They make us fall in love with a blood sucking, evil, sadistic, chauvinistic creature and we eat it up.  I’ve yet to figure out my fascination.  I’m thinking that it’s mostly because they pick marvelous actors, and by marvelous I mean gorgeous, to play the roles.  Have you seen an ugly Dracula-esque vampire?  Okay, well the guy in Van Helsing was nothing to write home about, and personally, I do not like the Bill Compton of True Blood, the show, but for the most part, they are gosh darn good looking.  Just my opinion.

Those pretties from Vampire Diaries

And it’s fun to read about them, in a slightly sadistic way.  The very top picture makes me want to write about a vampire.  One that goes to a Halloween party and seduces, because come on, that is what they do, a delectable woman.  (I’m having fun with my adjectives today)  I can think of a number of fun ways to make this story work.

Well, you all can enjoy your living dead and zombie fascination.  The ones out there that love your werewolves (sorry Jacob, while I love you I’ll take Edward any day) and I’ll stick with my pale creatures of the night.  Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m a night owl…..

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