The Styles We Are And Our Characters Are

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

Wow, this prompt made me immediately want to write.  I went off in my mind on a tangent that had nothing to do with my own style, but more on my characters I write about.  However, I think my style is partly who my characters are, so let’s start with me.

My winter attire, though the hat was is my ex bf's at the time. I do not have the hat...

My winter attire, though the hat was is my ex bf’s at the time. I do not have the hat…

Have I mentioned I live on a farm?  Well, you get it again.  I live on a farm.  It’s small, and it’s more of what you would classify a micro farm…. it’s only an acre, but it is a farm nonetheless.  So, my style, unfortunately is mostly jeans and a shirt.  Summer, well, the shorts come out.  Boots are a must, either pull on or lace up. This is all more necessity versus what I’d like to wear.  I’d much rather be in dresses, skirts, frilly floaty things.  Not exactly farming clothes.

I saw a girl this last spring in a coral mini-dress under a long white lacy dress with a jean jacket.  I thought, wow, I’d love to pull that off.  She looked hip and cool and fun.  Something I would like to wear.  But unless I’m in the city, this type of style won’t work.  Someday, I think I’d like to be able to have a really cool look, since I’m a writer it’s almost a requirement.  I need to have My thing.

Garnet Hill’s newest catalog. (I need this one)

Now, my characters on the other hand, have style.  Mia, my bookstore owner is a serious Garnet Hill dresser.  A smidge on the frumpy, but utterly stylish look.  Loose shirts and organic jewelry.  Leather belts and ballet flats.  Heck, I’ve even used one of the Garnet Hill models as my Mia.

From Sundance’s home page

Then for Rena, my farmer girl/herbologist/semi-writer/sort of me, is a total Sundance  girl.  You know, Robert Redford‘s catalog?  I love Sundance.  Don’t own a single thing, but want to immerse myself in the clothes, jewelry and accessories. The style is definitely earthy and kind of free spirit.  But it’s me.  And Rena is pretty much me, without all the mess that is me…. though some is through in for variety.

Then there’s Regina.  I have come up with her style yet.  She’s cool though because she is a published writer.  She has her spiky hair and her big signature rings, but I haven’t placed what she wears yet.

Cover of "The Weekend Novelist"

Cover of The Weekend Novelist

I read a part of a book on writing a novel, The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray, where  the author said, go through catalogs. Dress your characters.  Pick out things that they would wear.

Since doing that, I have had so much luck writing a characters.  They have personality because of style.  And I want the funds to have those styles myself.  I think, someday when I publish my book, whatever one it is, I’ll splurge on an outfit and some Sundance jewelry.

But style is crucial, and I love fashion, even if I can’t always apply it to myself.

This prompt made me smile and I was so excited to write it since I’ve had my clothing catalogs around the house more frequently as I drool.  You can check out the companies I like by clicking on the pictures. I’d love to know how other writer’s dress their characters.  Where do you get your inspiration and styles?  Tell me in the comments.

Signing off