Journal Notes – The Great Pumpkin

This is from my journal, October 31, 2012


We’re watching Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin.  I love The Great Pumpkin.  Linus is such a dear.  The other night was a perfect Great Pumpkin night.  The nights where the clouds billow and a damp breeze comes down from the mountains.  You can smell wet leaves and the fresh, sharp scent of a freshly started fire.  It only comes in mid to late October.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely have time to type a post for the actual time I want.  Right now as I type this, it is mid February. I was going through my journal after a week of being ill and I just needed to see what had been going on lately. (I sometimes refresh my memory on what I want to write by re-reading the pages)  I found my post/entry on this and though, wow, what a great little thing to have typed up for October.


I happen to love The Great Pumpkin, and I look forward to watching it every year after growing up and NEVER watching it.  So what if I’m 31 and I like an old cartoon.  My father still enjoys it.  What’s not to love?  It’s endearing.  It’s kind of tradition.  Right?


Hoping everyone has a spectacular and safe Halloween.


Signing off




The Lure of Officer Statham – Flash Fiction

A bit of flash fiction for you, my lovelies.  You know I love throwing out bits from my characters, as I seem to do it on a more regular basis.  This is about my two main gals, Rena and Mia.

After longingly staring at one of our local police officers who I swear looks like the actor William Levy from the back, and thinking about Mr. Statham, who happens to be a police officer, I came up with this little piece.  Enjoy you all on this lovely October Friday.

I don’t have the patience for finding a back picture of William Levy, so this’ll have to do.

Jason Statham in a suit

Jason Statham in a suit

Rena stacked her books and grabbed her Americano as Mia held the front door of her store open.

“Think that will last you a couple days?” Mia asked.

“It should.  I will probably have them back to you by the weekend most likely.  Thanks for loaning them to me.  Oh, hello, Rafe,” Rena said with smile at the tall Scottish man.

“Rena, love,” Rafe smiled, but arched a brow at the books she was holding.  “Quite a stack you have there.  Plans to read a bunch?”

“Oh, I have some research to do and Mia always loans me some of her books.  Besides, one can never have too many books……,” Rena’s words trailed off as the Police Chief’s black cruiser drove slowly by the shop and parked at the police station next to the city building.

Mia frowned at Rena.  “What are you staring at, Rena?” she asked then made an agreeing sound of pleasure as she followed Rena’s gaze.

“Jason Statham,” Rena answered with a feminine sigh.  She bumped Mia’s shoulder in their typical friendship move then leaned against her a bit as both women looking longingly at the officer who stepped out of the shiny black car.

Rafe, startled, looked at both the women.  “The actor?”

“No, but he looks just like the actor so that’s what all the girls in this town call him.  See?” Mia answered absently, then jerked her head in the direction of the man dressed in his police gear.  The man seemed oblivious to the stares from several women around Main Street as he grabbed several things from the front of his car.

Jolene Baker, the city clerk, stood out front of the city offices watering the pots of vibrant fall mums.  Her watering can was poised over the overflowing pots as water poured indiscriminately all over the sidewalk.  Up the street at the deli on the corner, two high school girls were overcome with a fit of giggles as they watched the handsome man.

Rafe looked back and forth between Mia and Rena, then at the women in town.

“Is this a common occurrence?” he asked.

“Hm?” Rena asked.  She reached up and fluffed her hair in the universal gesture of a flirting female.

“Does town stop dead when he’s around?” Rafe asked again.

Mia glanced at Rafe then laughed.  “Pretty much.  At least all the women stop dead.  Town’s a bit quiet today, so I’m only counting five women staring, not counting me or Rena.”

“Five? Who are the other two?” Rafe asked and looked around.

Mia jerked her head at the hairdressers three doors up where two more women were standing at the open screen door.  “Shawna and Louise Pratt.  Shawna’s the hairdresser and Louise is old enough to be his mother, but honestly, who wouldn’t look at that?”

“As I always say, ” Rena said, “Jason Statham has it made.  Men want to be him and women want to be with him.  Chief Harte is no exception.”  Rena sighed and turned  to Rafe as Chief Harte stepped inside the station.  “And if you think he’s all we get to drool over, you should see Officer “William Levy”.”  Rena made air quotes around his name.  “His real name is Jeremy Ross, Officer Ross, but he looks just like this super sexy actor who was on a reality dance competition show, so that’s what I call him.  His assets are just divine.  Ooh la la, il est tres magnifique.”  Rena kissed her fingertips in a completely Gallic gesture.

“The sad part of it all is neither one of the officers notice any of the available women,” Mia said with a pout.  Then she had the grace to look chagrined at Rafe’s raised brow.

“Okay, I don’t actually mean me because of dating Phil, but I can appreciate.  Just like I can appreciate how you look.  I’m talking Rena here.  She’s been making eyes at him all summer and he doesn’t notice one whit.”

“Who, the Chief or the officer?” Rafe asked.

“Either one,” Rena said with a sigh.  “Well, I must be going now that he’s gone inside and will be there for a while. No point in waiting around for him emerge again.  By Mia.  Rafe.”  Rena waved and marched off down the street towards her car.

Sorry that was a bit of a longish piece.  But I hope you all enjoy it.

Signing off


Journal Me Journal You


Mr. Statham’s caption : A lot on my mind, about time I write it down…


I am  stealing borrowing the two above pictures from Mr. Statham (not the real Jason Statham, but a friend who I swear could be the Man and I mention him in a post from three years ago if you click the highlighted name).  He just posted these tonight on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with them and told him that I was going to use them for a blog post.  My only comment is, that journal is empty! and I think a fountain pen might be needed.  Just saying. But, then, does Jason Statham use a fountain pen? Probably not.

I have not met many men in my life that write in a journal.  Granted, I don’t know tons of men, and most of the ones I do, are old…. So I find it kind of cool and sexy  in a writer-esque sort of way to see that a guy is writing in a journal.  And the mood in the setting is just so very Poe and The Raven to me. (the candles and the moodiness of the look) I can’t explain why I find this so inspiring, but I do.


My ‘midnight’ writing and guest (my dachshund). Not quite as cool, but I have my fountain pens and my Paris pictures and star light…

I am not one to have much of a ‘setting’ when I write.  I write when I get a moment, though as of late, my journaling is at midnight.  I do a lot of midnight entries.  Since the 19th of September, I have spent half my midnights writing in my journal.  Dealing with guy trouble and thoughts that are too big to write about in the day.  Generally more macabre at that time, but I’m more inclined to get to the heart of my troubles when I’m tired and it’s dark out.  I can ‘sob’ out my issues when no one is around.

Writing in my journal is so very private in a way. I know I wrote not long ago that I was inclined to take my journal with me wherever I went (read the post HERE), and while that’s true, I still like my thoughts private.  When something is really troubling me, I like to be along with my thoughts and not feel pressured to get my writing done.

Part of the reason for my midnight entries, which are dated that way as well, are because my life is hectic. I do not have much time in the day for sitting down to voice my thoughts.  I’d love to, but I rarely have time. The few times I do, it’s right after lunch when I have a cup of tea in hand and a few moments to spare.  But at night I stay up. I am such a night owl it’s scary sometimes. So I write. I also play on Tumblr and read emails, but I like to write then.

Adding to this slightly disjointed post, pardon, but it is after midnight. I never said my thoughts were clear at this point…..  It’s always interesting to see the journals people use.  Mr. Statham’s is clearly a guy’s journal.  Brown or black leather, smooth, simplistic, unlined pages, simple pen.  Totally masculine.

But then there’s me.  Right now my journal is a flowery composition book.  As will the next two journals after this one. I need lines because I write on a slope. I need composition books because they are big enough to get my point across without going through two journals a year.  I ramble so I need plenty of room to fit in everything.  And I have been using my fountain pens religiously to write with.

Fountain pens are kind of sexy.  Trust me.  Especially filled with the different inks.  Right now I’m in a Burgundy Mist and Sepia mode.  I just got through black and a unique mix of the Burgundy and black because I was too lazy to clean my pen before I filled it…  Colors reflect my mood.  Sepia is my conservative mood, while Burgundy….. well no boring thoughts were conceived when writing in a wine colored ink….. cue naughty wink

And now I have written a blog post, instead of writing in my journal like Mr. Statham. Now it’s late and I have sleep that is needed, so I shall close.  I’m curious about you dear reader.  If you are a man, do you keep a journal?  What do you write with?  What type of journal do you use?

Girls, what about you?  Tell me, do you like plain or fancy journals?  I’m curious too as to when you like to write.  Do you like writing in the morning when you wake up, thoughts fresh and clean, or do you like to get down and dirty at night?

And because well, I can’t resist, the lovely, handsome, every girl wants him…

Mr. Jason Statham (because I don’t feel I should post my friend’s picture without his consent. But trust me, he really, really looks like this guy)jason-statham12

Signing off


That Vampire-y Time Of Year

Eden Vampire EditedIt’s that time of year when the ghosts, witches, and yes, vampires come out.  Honestly, I can’t really explain the fascination with vampires, though it seems to be a zombie kind of year….(why, WHY? Please let it end! Stop those zombies so we can get back to vampires please!)

I saw this costume idea for guys in a newsletter : Make your move in your best suit or tuxedo with a pair of sexy fangs and an elegant red cape.

Wow, doesn’t that just sound yummy?  Us gals seem to have this delight in sexy vampires.  Go figure.  Is it the Power? The Control?  The Fangs?  What is it about a vampire we like?

Eric Northman

Eric Northman

We go gaga over the Eric Northmans of the tv world.  And I’m just dying, no pun intended, to see the new Dracula with Jonathan Rys Meyers.0022-735x1024  Oh, and don’t forget about Vampire Diaries, and the gorgeous Aiden in Being Human (USA edition).

Sam Witwer as Aiden Turner

They make us fall in love with a blood sucking, evil, sadistic, chauvinistic creature and we eat it up.  I’ve yet to figure out my fascination.  I’m thinking that it’s mostly because they pick marvelous actors, and by marvelous I mean gorgeous, to play the roles.  Have you seen an ugly Dracula-esque vampire?  Okay, well the guy in Van Helsing was nothing to write home about, and personally, I do not like the Bill Compton of True Blood, the show, but for the most part, they are gosh darn good looking.  Just my opinion.

Those pretties from Vampire Diaries

And it’s fun to read about them, in a slightly sadistic way.  The very top picture makes me want to write about a vampire.  One that goes to a Halloween party and seduces, because come on, that is what they do, a delectable woman.  (I’m having fun with my adjectives today)  I can think of a number of fun ways to make this story work.

Well, you all can enjoy your living dead and zombie fascination.  The ones out there that love your werewolves (sorry Jacob, while I love you I’ll take Edward any day) and I’ll stick with my pale creatures of the night.  Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m a night owl…..

Writing on


Gunpowder Tea – Review

Gunpowder Tea By Margaret Brownley:  A Review (The third book of the Brides of Last Chance Ranch)

Heiress wanted: Inquire within…

When Miranda Hunt, a Pinkerton detective, flubs on her latest case, she has one last chance to prove herself in an almost all male business.  Out west The Phantom is an elusive train and bank robber who may or may not be hiding at a cattle ranch in the small town of Cactus Patch. Sent to the Last Chance ranch in Arizona, she disguises herself as Annie Beckman, an heiress in training for the position at the ranch, owned by crusty woman rancher, Eleanor Walker.  Unbeknownst to her is also a Wells Fargo detective, the handsome and charming Jeremy Taggart, undercover at the ranch, disguised as the newest ranch hand, Branch.

Sparks fly between Annie and Branch as both seem to have ulterior motives to just being at the ranch.  Annie ends up being Ms. Walker’s caretaker after a disasterous first impression that leaves the ranch owner bedridden.  Now it’s up to Annie to care for the sharp woman and hunt for the Phantom, and manage to keep her eye on Branch without falling for him.  Will she ever catch the Phantom?  Will love triumph?  Will Annie ever be considered a first rate Pinkerton?  Tune in to Gunpowder Tea to find out.

While the premise of this book was charming and it had plenty of potential, I found the story lacking in several departments.  Many times I was lost as to what was actually happening because out of nowhere some fact would come in that didn’t relate to anything I knew about and I had to flip back pages to see if I could make sense.  There were several editorial issues, things I felt any editor should have caught right off the bat.  Now I realize that this book is part of a trilogy, though when I requested it I didn’t know that, but it was not written so that anyone could just pick up the book and read without knowing some back story. I thought the author could have included a bit more back story on the whole “Heiress wanted” issue without a whole plot, just so I knew what was going on.

Personally, I’ve read Harlequin romances that were better written than this book.  While I liked the premise of the plot, it was all quite confusing and a tad predictable.  One thing I’ve noticed with Christian writers is they leave out too much information and I’m left wondering what the heck they are getting at.  It’s like they are more concerned with the morality of the character than they are on writing a really good story. Not just a good story because of plot, but the common overall picture.  One thing in particular that caught my attention was here you had a Pinkerton detective that was concerned with the morality of listening to gossip.  Oh my gosh!  We can’t possibly listen to gossip because it’s ungodly.

But you are a detective.  What else are you going to do to find out information?

I hate to give a bad review, but this is not one I would say was great.  Cute. Yes.  Quick to read.  Definitely.  If you are looking for something that doesn’t really delve into the meat of a story or character, then this is it.

I’d say 2 out of 5 stars.


This book was provided for me to read through Thomas Nelson and for my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Signing off



The Styles We Are And Our Characters Are

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

Wow, this prompt made me immediately want to write.  I went off in my mind on a tangent that had nothing to do with my own style, but more on my characters I write about.  However, I think my style is partly who my characters are, so let’s start with me.

My winter attire, though the hat was is my ex bf's at the time. I do not have the hat...

My winter attire, though the hat was is my ex bf’s at the time. I do not have the hat…

Have I mentioned I live on a farm?  Well, you get it again.  I live on a farm.  It’s small, and it’s more of what you would classify a micro farm…. it’s only an acre, but it is a farm nonetheless.  So, my style, unfortunately is mostly jeans and a shirt.  Summer, well, the shorts come out.  Boots are a must, either pull on or lace up. This is all more necessity versus what I’d like to wear.  I’d much rather be in dresses, skirts, frilly floaty things.  Not exactly farming clothes.

I saw a girl this last spring in a coral mini-dress under a long white lacy dress with a jean jacket.  I thought, wow, I’d love to pull that off.  She looked hip and cool and fun.  Something I would like to wear.  But unless I’m in the city, this type of style won’t work.  Someday, I think I’d like to be able to have a really cool look, since I’m a writer it’s almost a requirement.  I need to have My thing.

Garnet Hill’s newest catalog. (I need this one)

Now, my characters on the other hand, have style.  Mia, my bookstore owner is a serious Garnet Hill dresser.  A smidge on the frumpy, but utterly stylish look.  Loose shirts and organic jewelry.  Leather belts and ballet flats.  Heck, I’ve even used one of the Garnet Hill models as my Mia.

From Sundance’s home page

Then for Rena, my farmer girl/herbologist/semi-writer/sort of me, is a total Sundance  girl.  You know, Robert Redford‘s catalog?  I love Sundance.  Don’t own a single thing, but want to immerse myself in the clothes, jewelry and accessories. The style is definitely earthy and kind of free spirit.  But it’s me.  And Rena is pretty much me, without all the mess that is me…. though some is through in for variety.

Then there’s Regina.  I have come up with her style yet.  She’s cool though because she is a published writer.  She has her spiky hair and her big signature rings, but I haven’t placed what she wears yet.

Cover of "The Weekend Novelist"

Cover of The Weekend Novelist

I read a part of a book on writing a novel, The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray, where  the author said, go through catalogs. Dress your characters.  Pick out things that they would wear.

Since doing that, I have had so much luck writing a characters.  They have personality because of style.  And I want the funds to have those styles myself.  I think, someday when I publish my book, whatever one it is, I’ll splurge on an outfit and some Sundance jewelry.

But style is crucial, and I love fashion, even if I can’t always apply it to myself.

This prompt made me smile and I was so excited to write it since I’ve had my clothing catalogs around the house more frequently as I drool.  You can check out the companies I like by clicking on the pictures. I’d love to know how other writer’s dress their characters.  Where do you get your inspiration and styles?  Tell me in the comments.

Signing off