Adult Lemonade – Poetry

Adult Lemonade

If you were here I’d make a tall bottle of adult lemonade

We’d sit out under the pines drinking iced glasses of Rosemary

Ginger, Lemon, Thyme with all the time in the world

Letting the summer breezes sift through the resin and incense

Frosty etched goblets of tonic that told secrets and stories

Girl talk, book talk, gossip talk some serious guy talk

Sherlock would have a whole hour, just for him and RDJ

Throwing in Pip, Kath, and Linds, some Frank and George for good measure

The light would shift, slant and golden as we talked writing

And not writing, with beers discussed

Mumford and Sons might be adored as the afternoon faded

Then things would get silly and overly dramatic as twilight

and the stars came out. . . .

If I made a tall bottle of adult lemonade.

This is for M, who just started a new job, moved into her new place, and left the nest.  I wrote this for you a couple weeks ago when I was flipping through my book that has the recipe for ‘Adult Lemonade’.

For those of you wondering, the recipe is from Barbara Close’s book Well Being.  Barbara Close runs Naturopathica, an amazing holistic health company and spa.  The recipe is nothing more than this marvelous concoction (tisane) of lemon, ginger, thyme, rosemary, (and if I’m in the mood for it to be pink, hibiscus)  M coined the phrase adult lemonade, or maybe I did, but she fell in love with it when I mixed it up the one night we went out looking at the stars and a meteor shower with Linds.  Ah, memories.

So, to M.

Signing off



2 thoughts on “Adult Lemonade – Poetry

  1. Kate. Oh my gosh. This poem made me smile and tear up. I miss you!!! Thank you so much for writing this for me. I remember those times so well :]

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