When He Woke That Morning – Flash Fiction

When he woke that morning, it was one of those perfect summer days where the sky is so blue, the sun so bright and the smells so summery.  He couldn’t resist.  He got out of bed, brushed his teeth and took a shower.  He stopped in the kitchen for a moment to eat one of the fresh peaches on his counter.  He grabbed his house key, credit card and cell phone and strapped it to his wrist.

He stepped out the door and took a deep breath then he started running.  Right up Main Street.  It was a slow morning, so there were not very many cars.  He ran leisurely.

He waved to Mrs. Dunbrowsky who took one look at him and screamed before running into her house and slamming the door.  He frowned but kept running.

By the time he came to the center of town, three other women had screamed at him, one pulling her young son inside, shouting that she was going to call the police.

He didn’t know what was wrong with everyone.  And it got even worse in town when cars screeched to a halt, more screaming ensued and there was even a couple shouts from the men at the coffee shop.

When Officer Brown arrested him, he still wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. 

Old Joe White sat with his coffee on the corner and watched all the action.  It was nice when the sleepy town got a bit crazy.  And seeing Tim Walker run down the street naked as a blue jay had been definitely some action.

I don’t know how the subject of someone running naked down the street came into my conversation with my father, but I pictured something like this and couldn’t stop laughing.


Signing off



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