A Prideful Event

The many covers of Pride and Prejudice

A minor event in the past week has happened to me.  It might not seem like much for most of my readers, and honestly, most people, but for me, it’s something.

I have finally finished ‘reading’ Pride and Prejudice!  I say ‘read’ because I did listen to the unabridged audio book while looking occasionally at the book.  I know, it’s not that huge a thing, but honestly, I have never been able to get through the book. It’s so slow.  I’ve tried it over and over and over. The furthest I have ever gotten reading it is when Mr. Collins wants to dance with Elizabeth at Bingley’s ball.  I’d keep trying to move forward, I just never could.

The book really doesn’t get ‘exciting’ until two-thirds of the way through when Lydia has run off with Mr. Wickham.  Or at least I don’t think the action really get’s going. Even then, it’s not super action packed action.  That being said, I really enjoyed it and I plan on reading it, and by reading I mean the book, soon-ish.  I find I can’t read too much Jane Austen all at once or I go into British talk overload.  And her writing is, well, unique.  I do love Persuasion though.

And due to the whole audio book, I have been in a Pride and Prejudice state of mind. I finally finished The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I love. LOVE!  I didn’t watch all of the extra videos that go with the series, but I plan on going back and watching the whole thing in order.

For those of you interested, the producers of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (LBD) plan on doing Emma next.  I can’t wait.  I love the story of Emma.  Mr. Knightely is so dashingly wonderful…. I have yet to read Emma, so this is me going off of the three Emma versions I’ve watched….. Clueless being one of those.  Don’t judge me, I read a lot of other things.

Along with LBD, I have an insane desire to watch the Keira Knightley P&P film, and listen to the soundtrack.  I am just in super need of the story.  It’s a wonderful story.  I’d love a modern take on the story done in film, realizing that LBD was just done.  I wouldn’t mind reading a modern version as well.  Am I slightly addicted?  You bet I am.  Oh! And maybe I should watch Bride and Prejudice….. Hmmm. I do love that version too.

Proud of it too.  I used to be so Prejudiced against the book…. Okay, I just had to add that in.  Sorry.

So, now, onwards to Emma, or Northanger Abbey, or maybe desperately try to finish S&S.  I’m still thinking that is the most dull one.  Maybe not.  Maybe I should read Sandition since I have a copy.

Signing off



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