Flash Fiction — Dragonfly Wings

Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud ...

Close up of a dragonfly on a Lotus Flower Bud on green background – IMG_7149 (Photo credit: Bahman Farzad)

The woman cackled as she held her mortar and pestle grinding up the iridescent dragonfly wings.  This last ingredient would be the killing touch to her potion.  The fine hairs would cause her victim to choke, drawing blood and making the poison infuse his throat.  He would pay for his actions.  He would die an agonizing death.  And she would laugh.  She would stand over his convulsing body and laugh at how easy her revenge had been.


I went to a symposium this last week on dragonflies and damselflies.  While there, one of the things that caught my attention was how dragonfly wings are made up of a material similar to our nails.  Very hard and durable.  I also found out that there are microscopic hairs on the wings, which is why other predators do not eat the wings of dragonflies.

I thought this was very interesting and I thought to myself, what a great bit of information to use for someone making a poisonous potion.  Supposedly the hairs can irritate the throat.  What better way to kill someone off than by having them ingest something that could damage their throat and maybe make the poison that much more affective?  So, hence, this little flash fiction piece.

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