What Is My Perfect Book Space

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There are many  bookish type places I think I would like to have as my own.  Bookshelf Porn (gah I wish they would give it another title.  Yes, I do realize I drool there, but still) inspires me, makes me envious, and drives me to pure book bliss.  I could go on and on about some of the marvelous bookshelves, nooks, and reading places displayed there.

However, very few book places make me want to just say, Hello home, this is for me.The above picture is one of those few.  I could literally spend half my life in this room and not get bored. I can see so much potential for myself it’s scary.  It’s scary how much I want this place.  I can see myself writing here.  Spending hours on end typing away on my Royal.  The constant clackity clack of the keys hitting pages.

I can see myself on rainy days sitting with endless cups of coffee (I’m sure tea would be acceptable, but right now coffee is my addiction) just watching as the water ran down the windows, listening to the pitter patter, or playing something melancholy.  This space is so incredibly ideal.

I’m curious, because I’m always curious, but what about you, dear readers?  What kind of reading space do you want, desire, or have that you love?  I would love to know your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “What Is My Perfect Book Space

  1. Your reading space sounds attractive! But personally, I see myself at home in a musty, almost stuffy place with stacks of books towering above me, kind of like Ollivander’s wand shop in the Harry Potter movies, if you’ve seen it, but without the wands 🙂

  2. I think if I had a good supply of books, I would never leave this room again! I love how one wall is all bookshelves and one is windows. Good combo of natural light and much-needed storage space for my most valuable possessions!

    I’ve been dreaming about getting a nest chair to read in for a while now.

    • That’s exactly how I feel about the space! All the places to put books, and one luxurious wall of windows. It’s just right.

      Right now my stacks of books and very small, crammed bookshelves do not do books justice. I need this room.

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