Email Impatience

For you, my dear. I have replied all these years……

When letters through the mail were the only form of communication you didn’t have the opportunity to be impatient for a reply. You just had to wait. While you might want a reply right away, you knew that it wasn’t possible so you might as well get on with your life, sit down have a cup of tea and enjoy the afternoon.

Then along came email. That instant gratification letter source. You could have a reply in a few moments if someone was so inclined to reply quickly. Granted, not everyone, including me, replies through email any faster than with a letter. I might take weeks to reply to an email as I mull it over in my head.

Oh, but I hate waiting for a reply. I hate, hate, hate waiting.

Right now I am impatient for an email from someone I sent something to last night. It was midnight and the person I sent it to is a very busy person. But we are friends, I think…. what do you call someone whom you have never met, but you have spent the last two years writing frequently and pouring your ideas out upon, having a bit of attraction to said person, and yet you are still as distant as acquaintances? You could be more but neither side is really willing to take that step?……. And I really digress….. Anyways, we are friends. I appreciate his advice, company and voice. Is it possible to just fall in love with a voice? I think so.

I know I won’t get a reply today, or probably even tomorrow. Heck, with the way things go with him, I might not get one for a week or more. (I will admit I am no better, so I shouldn’t get upset) But I hate, hate, hate waiting. ” It drives me completely insane”….. taken from French Kiss and one of Meg Ryan’s statements.

I know I should level off and relax, but rarely do I relax when I have sent a note and I want a reply. So instead I check my email obsessively hoping that something has come in, knowing full well it hasn’t. Before I even click the refresh button I know nothing will be there and I’m wasting my time.

Email has gone and all made us complete answer-aholics. We want that answer NOW. We want it that very second we send it off. We want that instant gratification, all because we can. But people are still people, and replies do take time.

So what am I griping for?

Signing off


One thought on “Email Impatience

  1. So so true. I love writing letters, but unfortunately most people aren’t inclined to write back with me. They say they’d rather call me or email me but letters are somehow so much more intimate. Glad to see you share this view! xx

    Allie @

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