We all have secrets we keep; secrets that are tame to outright ‘oh my gosh I hope no one ever finds out about that’.  Secrets reside in the darkest parts of our mind.  We guard them, holding onto them so tightly that sometimes one never knows we have them.  They are under lock and key, and it is only a select few that ever get to see some of those secrets.  We only share those innermost secrets with someone we trust.

I wonder what would happen though if people knew your secrets?  I only wondered this today after watching a bit of The Mentalist where LaRoche has a secret hidden in his safe inside of a tupperware container.  No one is supposed to know about this secret he keeps, and when the container is stolen, he thinks Patrick Jane knows what’s inside.  This secret could ruin LaRoche supposedly.

It made me wonder what would happen if someone found out a secret I keep.  Would it destroy me?  I suppose it all depends on the secrets we keep.  There are things we keep secret for the sake of a surprise, I.E. a present.  Those are innocuous.  They won’t hurt anyone.  Sure, it might take the oomph out of the surprise if they are found out, but it’s nothing that will do damage.

However, we all keep secrets that could hurt either us in the long run, or someone else.  And if all our secrets were found out, what then?  Because, we would all be on even ground, so to speak.

There is a chapter of The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen, where all the women at the society meeting start spitting out their secrets.  They can’t keep them in.  And the secrets are shocking, and hurtful.  They are about themselves or about others.  It does damage.

This is just a thought I had today.  Nothing in particular other than, what would happen if someone found out your secrets.  Would you be destroyed?

Food for thought.

Signing off