Boston – A Moment of Silence

Boston skyline looking west with Boston Harbor in the foreground

Boston skyline looking west with Boston Harbor in the foreground

It’s Monday, at 2:49pm in Boston, Massachusetts.  One week ago our country changed again.  It was the first terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.  Still in shock, we wait to hear what will happen to the surviving terrorist. We wait for answers. We wait for loved ones to heal.

I ask all of my readers, near and far to take a moment in silence and prayer for the survivors and families of the bombings.  I can’t convey in words or thoughts my views on this, nor do I feel it necessary.  But I do think it important to remember those we lost, those we still have, and those who will need us to lean on.

If you can, find something to help with the healing. Whatever it is you can do, do it.  This week I am going to be donating blood with the Red Cross.  While my little donation is nothing in the scope of things, every little bit we do, helps.

Again, a moment of silence to remember those we lost.  Krystle Campbell, Lü Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier.  I also ask you to remember the other 183 civilians who were injured.

Thank you.

Signing off


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