Savoring Letters

Garnet Hill LettersI love letters. I love writing them. I love receiving them.  Letters harken back to the days when that was the only means of communication between people who lived further than a couple miles.  Why, even if you lived close you could send a note or letter because, hey, there were no phones.  Just think about any Jane Austen film, or book, and at some point someone is getting a folded, wax-sealed letter or note.  Ah yes, letters are definitely something that has still hung around despite the technological age of computers and phones.  You still write letters (type) one a computer.  They have not died.

That being said, while I love letters, I’m quite terrible at replying to them.  It’s not that I don’t want to reply, but well, I savor letters.  If someone sends me one, I read it over and over, or mull over it, or think.  The minute I start replying to a letter, I start to forget what was in the letter.  It’s like this mind emptying thing.  So I hold off on replying to letters. I’m sure people wonder if I am ever going to get back to them.  Mrs. Austen would be one that comes to mind recently. I have received several nice emails from her and a letter and I’ve yet to actually reply!  I have things started.  It’s terrible.

Letters are incredibly exciting to receive in the mail.  Actually, anything addressed to one that is not junk or a bill is fun to get in the mail.  My favorite things are letters or books. You really can’t go wrong. I think the only thing that might top it off is if someone could figure out how to send a cup of hot coffee in the mail.  That would be something.  You open your package and there is this perfect steaming cup of joe.  Ah yes.

I go all out for letters a lot of the time.  Pretty stamps, nice paper, written with a fountain pen.  Or I try to do something unique. I  just sent a friend of mine a short letter that I wrote on one half sheet of card stock, folded in thirds, and printed with the tiniest print I could manage.  He was teasing me about my small script, which I thought was relatively normal.  Apparently not.  I like doodling on margins. I like trying new different methods of writing.  I like scribbling notes in margins, though I try to avoid that.  I get my notes better than other people.

I’ve even made my own envelopes by pricking them with a pin to achieve a punched out design.  Wax seals, stickers, letters written on one sheet of paper then folded into an envelope.  I’ve tried it all.  I love having that bit of creativity on hand.  And while I do like email thing, I still savor and take forever to reply.

So, if you have written me a letter and haven’t gotten a reply recently, even if I have promised a speedy reply, don’t take it personally.  I’m still enjoying your letter.  Savoring and digesting it slowly like a really good book.   Oh, and I keep almost every letter I receive.  I have boxes and email folders, and such.

Happy Friday.  Good Friday.

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