Book Review – Unexpected Love by Julie Coleman

Unexpected Love God’s Heart Revealed in Jesus’ Conversations with Women By Julie Coleman takes a look at Jesus’ interactions with women in the Bible.  Breaking down what He said to these women and what it really means.  Each of the nine chapters starts out with actual scripture of the story, taken mostly from the New American Standard Bible, then goes on to the author giving a more fictionalized version of scripture.  Next comes the breakdown of what Jesus has said and a discussion of what everything means.  Each chapter concludes with a section titled “Food for Thought”, giving questions to ask one’s self and verses that correlate.  Then another section called ‘Journaling’ which gives you a chance to ponder and record your own thoughts on the prompt included.

From the title and description I really expected Unexpected Love to be a great book introducing me to some of the areas in the Bible I haven’t read, but relate to God’s interaction with women.  While it does do that, I was severely disappointed and bored out of my mind reading this book.  So disappointed, in fact, that I only read two chapters.

I found the version of the story the author told was too speculative, feeling like it was more fiction than dealing in facts.  I would have much preferred bits of information about the time period interspersed  with the retelling of scripture instead of trying to make it into fiction.  While the facts are included with the breakdown of everything that is explained, it’s clunky to read it that way.  Also, the breakdown of every sentence and what each think means felt tedious.  I felt like the author was trying too hard.  While I’m sure there are women out there who find comfort in this book, I found it very tedious.  I think I’ll stick to just reading the Bible.

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One thought on “Book Review – Unexpected Love by Julie Coleman

  1. Hi Kate:
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read a part of my book. I’m so sorry you found it tedious and boring. I hope that there were things about Jesus you read in those two chapters that encouraged your heart. He really was wonderful in how he dealt with each woman he encountered. I fell in love with him all over again as I researched and wrote each story. I’m sorry that my passion for him did not come through for you as you read. But I do appreciate your taking the time to write this review.
    Julie Coleman

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