Love Songs and Lyrics

I am a sucker for love songs.  I adore love songs.  I love romance and all that goes with it.  I could probably be accused of being a romanticist.  And I would be quite ready to agree with you.  Romance is in my blood.

So, any time I find a new love song that I can really enjoy, I kind of want to scream it out to someone.  Many times I keep it to myself, because, hey, you, whoever you are, do you want me catching a hold of your sleeve as you pass me on the street to tell you about this great new love song?  I didn’t think so.  I add the songs to my playlists; I make detailed playlists on my players, be it Itunes or my new Sansa player.  I have the song on repeat and I wear it out to the point where I know the lyrics back and forth.  I write the lyrics down in my journal. I remember them for adding to pictures on Tumblr.  I use them in my books.  The lyrics are what make a love song beautiful.

The Enemies (that’s Johnny Crean on the left in the top image.)

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with the Irish band, The Enemies.  I’ve already posted on my adoration of Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time. (yes, a shameless plug to get you to watch) I’ve posted on my ‘zing’ of being followed by The Enemies and Johnny Crean on Twitter.  So, if you’ve been reading, you will know who I’m talking about.

Well today I am posting about their beautiful song ‘Pretty Valentine’.  It’s a lovely song with a very catchy tune and lyrics.  The lyrics are so gorgeous.  Simplistic in style, and they rhyme.  Most people don’t know that rhyming songs, good rhyming songs are the key to making my music love.  And this song has all of those.  It’s one of those pretty things you can have playing and you go, ‘oh, I like that’.  And I certainly do.

I recently was able to finally have music playing on my computer again after over a year of horrible static and noise that was not music.  (I have a new laptop was the fix….) So I have been indulging in music.  One of the first things I wanted to hear was “Pretty Valentine”.  I had been waiting impatiently to hear it.  Now that I have, it is in my repertoire of love songs.

Sure, I have tons of various love songs.  I mean, like I said, I love them, but this one has now become one of my favorites.  It makes me think of springtime evenings.  Of late summer and meadows.  Daisies and roses.  Setting suns and mountain lakes.

Can a song do that?  Bring all that forth?  Well, maybe not for everyone, but it does for me.

I urge you to check out the song.  I promised Johnny Crean I would blog, twitter, and facebook about it. 🙂  Hey, they are a great band and I want to get them the attention they deserve.  So please check out the song.

You can purchase the song HERE  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Signing off


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