The Zing of Being Twitter Followed by The Enemies

One thing I’ve found in the blogging, Tweeting, Tumblr-ing world is how very unimportant I am.  My thoughst are very small indeed. I am a nobody. I actually don’t mind it much. I know I don’t blog often enough to hold anyone’s attention.  My tweets are limited to blog updates and a very rare comment here or there.  I think I’m on Tumblr more than anything, having found that it can be addicting to stumble upon Tumblr…..

So, I found it quite surprising and exciting to find out one day that my Twitter weas being followed by Cluadia Cowan from FOX News.  I’ve known about her from California news ( I am a native) since I was younger, and I’ve watched her slowly work her way up in the reporting world.  To be followed by someone I deem important is a very cool thing for me.

But by far, the most exciting has been the recent follow on Twitter of the band The Enemies.  The Enemies is an up and coming Irish band.  Now, I don’t know much about them, but the reason for this said follow, I assume, is due to some random gushing remarks I made to the band about following them due to liking one of their band members.  The member of the band is the very handsome and devilish Colin O’Donoghue who is probably best known as Killian Jones a.k.a. Captain Hook on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  And Boom!  There was the band following me.  A couple days later, the Guitarist/Saxophonist and Song writer, Johnny Crean was following me as well.  An actual member of the band.  Following me!

The Enemies. (psst. Johnny Crean is on the far left)

Little ole me.  Me who has a whopping 85 followers on Kate’s Bookshelf (twitter has around 600 or so, but most are not worth being followed by.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all you guys. I love that I have had some great conversations with you fellow bloggers. I love discussing writing, so getting to know some of  you has been great.  But nothing is quite like the Zing! of having someone ‘famous’ follow you.  Bands usually don’t follow us normal people.  News people don’t have time to follow us normal people.

So I feel very special indeed.  I may not be anyone important, but I have a band following me.  I have a band member following me.  Can you tell that the news reporter wasn’t thrilling me quite as much?  Ha ha.  Well, I urge you all to check out The Enemies.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to all their music, but from what I’ve heard, they sound great.  And also, tune into Once Upon A Time, Sunday nights on ABC. If just for the fun of seeing a very gorgeous Captain Hook.

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