The Many Versions of Captain Hook

It seems to me that I have seen a fair amount of Peter Pan and Captain Hook inspired stories. For me, the classic Hook is the Disney version. Silly, ridiculous and a total nut, he isn’t super scary and is my most favorite Disney villain. I adore Captain Hook.

Dustin Hoffman‘s portrayal was next as far as hilarious. You can’t really view him as a horrible villain especially when he loses his hat and wig and you realize he’s bald.   He’s so insanely afraid of clocks, he goes completely mad in his clock museum.  Yes, he’s far from scary.

Then we come to Jason Isaac’s portrayal. He was ruthless and kind of scary.  Taking the role of Mr. Darling, then as Hook, he captures some of the fear we feel towards our father’s at points.  Fear and respect, but I found him to be deadly.  And very villan-ish.

More recently there was was Rhys Ifans‘ playing the dreaded Captain, but in a new way. The Neverland mini series gave a slightly sexier side to the Captain, who first starts out as a fencing teacher, and a bit of a gentleman thief on the streets of London.  This has actually been one of my more favorite versions, partly because he was kind of so good looking.

Finally I saved the best for last.  Like I’ve said, I’ve seen a fair amount of Captain Hook portrayals, but none are quite so sexy, quite so deliciously evil (with a good side), quite so wow factor than the marvelous, gorgeous, sexy and all around perfect Captain Hook as Colin O’Donoghue‘s Killian Jones. ABC’s Once Upon A Time has taken and flipped every fairytale we know, but none quite so good as this version of Captain Hook.  He’s sexy, (did I mention that?) he’s charming like you wouldn’t believe, and he’s really not quite as bad as he could be.  Sure he tried to take a heart or two. Sure he’s working with the evil Cora. And sure, you can’t really quite trust him, but, he did tell Emma he wouldn’t have left her on the beanstalk.  That speaks for something doesn’t it?  And he didn’t kill her when he had the opportunity to when they were all trying to go through the portal.  Come on, if he likes Emma, he can’t be all bad.  Besides, he’s so gorgeous, you can’t make him truly evil.  Gorgeous people are not evil.

I could post pictures, and videos, and love sonnets to the new Captain Hook, but then I might look a bit like a stalker.  And pardon the raving.  Colin O’Donoghue and his Killian Jones character, are now the model for one of my hero’s that I’ve been writing about for 7 years.  I’ve never found anyone that fit the bill for my character of Rafe Simon, which after some retrospect I feel is not a worthy enough name for someone as gorgeous as Colin O’Donoghue, and now I have.  I will be posting soon on Escaping the Inkwell, about my characters, so more lovely pictures to drool over will be included.

Now, I’m curious, what other versions of Captain Hook do you enjoy?  Would you believe I have never read the original Peter Pan, so I don’t even really know what Captain Hook is like, except for what I’ve seen.  I’m horribly biased I think.

Well, I’d love to know anyone else’s thoughts on this villain, and Killian Jones…..

Signing off



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