Review – The Scent Of Rain By Kristin Billerbeck

The Scent of RainWhat do you do when your fiance dumps you at the alter, you end up working in a Podunk down town where you took a job because of your fiance, then you loose your sense of smell, which is quite important if you are a top perfumer?  Well, you try to make the best of a bad situation.  Daphne Sweeten left her fabulous Paris job to marry a man she thought was the man of her dreams. Turns out, he is kind of a swine, leaving her at the alter with not so much as even an explanation. Then off to a small Ohio town where she was supposed to take a job at a household products plant where she will create new scents. Only, she has suddenly lost her sense of smell.  Now she only has to figure out how to either tell her new boss, Jesse, or hope and pray that she get’s her nose back.  As Daphne and Jesse work together to create new scents and make a go of her situation, they connect in unique ways.


The Scent of Rain is a Christian inspirational story, and while I was quite excited to read this, I was highly disappointed at the whole plot.  I was left reeling in spots where I did not understand dialogue, nor the situation. How is it a supposedly worldly woman, who has lived in Paris for years working at a top perfumery,  not know what sangria is and act like she doesn’t have a brain in her head when it comes to life?  I am surprised Daphne can even make it down the street.  I also found Jesse, the boss and  also hero, to be a bit of the non take charge kind of guy.  Why would you tell the girl of your dreams that you wanted to marry her the minute you first saw her, but denied it the whole time?  That makes absolutely no sense.

Well, I just chalk it up to another christian book that turns me off from reading them in the first place.  While some people may find the book fun, I found it tedious and I was left dragging my heels to finish it.

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