Hopeless Romantic That I Am

I can honestly and proudly admit I am a hopeless romantic.  Give me a love story, granted, a good love story, and I’m hooked.  I see romance in all forms of life.  My daydreaming plotting  is filled with romance, and when I have to get down to brass tacks when it comes to writing, yes, I want to write a great romance story.  Or love story.

So, I have been quite hooked on Mumford & Sons‘ new song “I Will Wait’. Whether or not it is actually a love song, I am going to take it as one.

First, I have to credit Timothy of The Creative Juicer for introducing me to this song.  I highly recommend his post, Musical Musings – I Will Wait, to give you the perfect reason to listen to this song. I can’t, and won’t try, to even explain how brilliant this song is. Just read Timothy’s post.

Well, the first part of the song that got to me and like Timothy, gave me chills, was the line

Like a stone And I fell heavy into your arms

For me that is like just uber romantic, because a guy is saying this.  Most of the time in love stories, it is the girl that is talking about falling in love.  Falling into her man, falling period.  It’s women that fall.  But…. here you are seeing it from a guy’s point and I think that is just really quite something.  Magical.
See, I told you I was a romantic and could find it just about anywhere.
Now, the rest of the song is great but the chorus is what I like best.  I like the first quiet chorus, then the second louder one. I just love the repetition of
And I will wait, I will wait for you

Over and over. I believe love waits.  True love that is.
Right now this is MY song.  Okay, from Timothy’s post, it’s kind of his song as well. We are sharing I guess.  This song is perfect for me right now as I wait for something, or someone to happen.
I have the song on frequently and while I don’t have all the lyrics down, I think I might before long. (it would probably help if I got the British accent a bit more and could understand what is being sung. Thank goodness for lyrics sites.)
Well, I hope you all check out the song, especially if you are a Mumford & Sons fan.  But, even if you aren’t, it’s still an incredibly good song.  I’d have to say one of their best.
And this is one romantic who will probably keep listening to it obsessively.
Signing off