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Pacific Crest Trail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while a story touches you and you just can’t help but want to tell people about it.  The other day was one of those instances.

Where I live we are very near the Pacific Crest Trail, and it is a common site to have hikers come down from the trail to our town to resupply and well, just take a break from the trail.  On Tuesday Mrs. Day and I were setting up our produce stand in town and this one woman hiker came over to check things out.  She looked around then went ecstatic when she saw our bowl of origami paper stars.

stars 3Mrs. Day and I spend the quiet times when we watch shows, and the winter, folding paper stars.  It’s not really for any reason other than it’s sort of relaxing and it keeps Mrs. Day awake.  Me, it keeps me from picking my nails.  We just use magazine paper, the ads, and have fun.  We have folded a lot of stars over the years.  Thousands of them.  Picture those big ice cream tubs.  Two or three of those full, not counting the ones we’ve given away.Well, this woman was thought the stars were so cute.  Mrs. Day asked if she had ever heard the Perry Como song “Catch A Falling Star”, because that is how we always think about the stars. A handful you can have in your pocket.  The woman hadn’t, but she said that she and her husband always look at the Perseid meteor shower but he’s in Kuwait.  She teared up while she told us this.  Her husband is in Kuwait for three years, and he comes home next year.  So she is hiking the trail this year.

Well, it was just so sweet how the stars made her think of her husband ( she pulled out one star that had a flag design on it) and just her little story was nice.  When she left, I couldn’t resist and filled a little box with about twenty or so more stars, added a note that included the first stanza of “Catch A Falling Star’.  I tucked it into her backpack which she had left at the Post Office while she went about town.

I hope she got it, and I hope the stars keep her thinking about her husband and when he will be home, though I’m sure she didn’t need stars to do that.

Well, that little story about her just touched me and I think it will linger with me over time.  I thought it was so sweet how she wanted to tell about him and teared up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your partner gone to the middle east for such a long time.  On the plus side, at least he’s in Kuwait and not Iraq or Afghanistan.

Signing off