Things I’m Loving Right Now

Maybe because it’s late summer, or maybe it’s just August, but it seems that I kind of have a ‘fall in love with…’ moment every time this year.  I almost pulled out Poemcrazy yesterday, then decided that I needed to finish other books before I get lost in words and thought again.

Things I’m loving right now are as follows.

Cutest couple ever!

Paige and Evan from Royal Pains. I swear they have got to be the cutest couple ever. And I thought Chuck and Sarah were cute, but nothing tops the sheer scream factor cuteness of Paige and Evan. If you haven’t seen Royal pains, then I assure you, it is a really fun show, though if you were to just get started now, you might be a bit lost. All I know is I want Paige to be my best friend (if I lived in the Hamptons)  and I so want to have a relationship like the two of them.

Such a cute ‘non’ couple!

Annie and Auggie of Covert Affairs.  These two are so cute and they aren’t even a couple yet.  Though trust me, they should be.  Super cool Annie and adorable geek Auggie with his really gorgeous body…. The cool nerd.  I’m a big fan of Covert Affairs, but this year is so much fun.

Lovely man.

Jeremy Renner.  I usually don’t get too gaga over actors, but occasionally there are a couple that I just love. This guy I first saw in a very short lived drama on ABC called The Unusuals.  Loved him then, love him now as possibly the new replacement for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible character) as William Brandt. He’s the new guy in the Bourne films, and just an all around gorgeous man.  It’s doesn’t hurt that he hails from my neck of the woods, Modesto, California.  In fact he was in high school while I was growing up there…. I have to use him as a character for something!

The Lumineers

The Lumineers.  This band is so cool. Folksy and  really fun to listen to, my first introduction to them was their song ‘Ho Hey’. Now I’m recycling ‘Flapper Girl’ and ‘Stubborn Love’ over and over on my Creative Zen. It doesn’t hurt that ‘Stubborn Love’ was used on Covert Affairs.

Thick books.   I know, it’s a bit counterproductive to read thick books right now when I actually have no time, but I can’t resist for some reason. Right now the book I’m carrying everywhere with me is  Van Gogh : The Life by Steven Naifeh.  I’m not very far into it, but it is super fascinating.

And lastly, poetry books. Particularly the ones I picked up a week or so ago. Right now it’s Bronte and Byron I’m reading.  In Byron it’s Don Juan and I love it.

So there are a few things I’m loving right now.  They are giving me inspiration and it’s kind of cool.

Signing off



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