Poetry Collections

Look at the pretty covers.

I just happened to be passing by my library the other day and out in front someone had left a couple boxes of books they donated to the Friends of the Library.  Well, I stopped to just peek and low and behold there were these six lovely poetry volumes.  I couldn’t resist and brought them home with me. (yes I will donate money to the Friends for them, but had I left them there, they wouldn’t have gotten to one of the book sales for at least a year).

I don’t have that many poetry books, and while I don’t make a habit of collecting them either, I just could not resist. Bronte, Whitman, Poe, Byron, are the four main single poets, then one on Erotic Poems, which are really just love poems (someone had fun with a tease by using ‘erotic’) and then lastly, Poems of Mourning.  There are more within the series, and I think I might just have to keep my eyes open for used copies of them because they are gorgeous.

You can see all the titles on these.

On the whole, I would probably prefer thicker volumes of some of these, but I can’t complain. The covers are lovely, and underneath the dust jackets the cloth binding in the rich hues of the dust jacket  make me want to clutch them tight and not let go. My copy of Persuasion is similar in fashion and I feel the same about it.

So far my favorite, after only flipping through them a bit and reading some, has been the poems by Bronte. Emily Bronte that is.  I never knew she wrote poetry.  Beautiful, rhyming poetry.  It’s gorgeous. Lovely, very Scott-esque.  (Sir Walter Scott)  I’m seriously looking forward to reading more. I carried it around with me as I did errands, not even opening the cover, but I just want to clutch it close. I can say that about very few poets.

So I am quite excited to have some poetry books added to my very full shelves.  My only other poetry books I have are Tennyson, Scott, Angelou, Dickinson, Frost, and some other more obscure authors. So this is exciting.

Signing off