Bing For Ideas

A year or so ago I switched my search engines from Google to Bing.  It was a personal choice and one that at the time I didn’t realize would become so useful.  Yes, Bing doesn’t offer quite as many options as Google, and in the image department, Google seems to have a whole lot more to choose from, but…..

But, Bing has this amazing thing called its homepage.  Ever single day you get a stunning picture from somewhere in the world, or outside as the one image of earth from above showed, that is on beyond brilliant.  Not only are the pictures fun to look at, but sometimes they are incredibly informative.

They are also great visual stimulus into ideas for writing.  For instance, the image for July 17, 2012, was an amazing picture of a fish.  A fish you ask?  What could be so interesting about a fish? 

Whitemargin unicornfish (© Chris Hellier/Corbis)(Bing United States)

Um, but is there anything that isn’t cool about this fish?  Be


This picture makes me want to write a story about a fish with a big nose.  He’s too cute. ( yes, I’m sticking it with a male gender because, come on, there aren’t too many girl characters with a proboscis like that) I just wish in real life the fish was actually this blue color. It is in fact, a boring brown tan that really takes away the mysterious mystique of something so fanciful.

Bing has some amazing pictures that get me thinking and creating. Places to set my characters.  Cool creatures to turn into a story. And sometimes things that make the most interesting facts.  One of my favorite pictures are the

Powdered tika (or tikka) pigments on display in Kathmandu, Nepal (© Dinodia/age fotostock)(Bing United States)

bins of colored  tika powder used in Indian cultural practices, or the cork forests in Portugal. 


Freshly stripped cork oaks in Catalonia, Spain (© John Miller/plainpicture/Robert Harding)(Bing United States)

Not only are these pictures fun to see, I’ve learned a whole lot of information from them.

I learned that I don’t want to pick up an orchid mantis, even though they have to be one of the coolest looking mantises around.  And that’s just a sampling of a few things I find cool.

So, I have a free, fun resource at my fingertips for creating some of the best ideas for writing about.  So, stuck in a slump?  Head over to Bing or check out I Started Something, the website where someone has taken the humongous task of archiving past Bing pictures. Not only does it have other countries but it’s just a whole lotta fun.

Signing off