Cheeseburger Hunger

We made love in your big bed

All sprawled skin warm and entwined

And afterwards my head pillowed on your chest

I said I was starving

You laughed at me but grabbed your pants

I wore one of your loose shirts belted

Around my waist and kitten heels

You said I looked like a sexpot

I liked that and wanted to put up my hair

Like Bridget Bardo, but

You tugged me towards the door

We went to an all-night burger joint

Ordering juicy cheeseburgers, fries and

Frosty chocolate milkshakes

We laughed and munched slaking our hunger

You wiped a smear of ketchup off my lip

And when I licked it from your finger

Your eyes darkened with renewed hunger for something

Other than your burger and fries

I grinned at you but you knew

Knew that I still wanted you again

Our appetite for food was gone

I gave you a look

Suddenly our teasing game was done

You balled up the wrappers and paper napkins

Tossing them in the nearest trash can

Your keys were in the ignition

Before I could think or argue

Not that I wanted to

No, I wanted you just as much as before

And the car door slammed, your fingers

Gripping my hand as you flung open

The front door, barely making it

To your bed before a new hunger

Rose up to take the place of the need for food

The desire was now for skin and touch, lips and arms

And everything that was before.


 Okay, I was really in a mood last night and for some reason the thought of being hungry after being with someone struck me as ‘I HAVE TO WRITE THIS’.  So I did. 

Cheeseburgers were the focus after hearing about a barbecue-bacon-blue cheese burger with beer battered curly fries on an episode of Eureka and  a few days of not eating much more than toast, so I was hungry.  And yes, I had someone in mind when I wrote it, but I do hope you all enjoy.  Incredibly free verse here, and a bit more adult, but I had fun.  I suppose I could tweak it till forever, but other than a few line changes, some spelling corrections and a few other things, I like it. So I think I’ll keep it the way it is.  Course now I have to re-copy it down on paper since it does not match what I scribbled in my journal last night.

 Signing off


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