Don’t Start Typing Till Your Nails Are Dry

red nails

red nails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sounds like a manual for writing, and I may have to keep that in the ‘title’ box for later use.  For now, it’s about my vanity, or well, the attempt to have some vanity.

Even though I write, which seems to put stress on my fingers, and how they look, one of my ways to stay girly and classy is to do my nails.  I love painting my nails and having them looking nice.  It’s somewhat of a lost cause since half the time I’m picking at the hangnails, or biting them, but I do try.  Having pretty nails makes me feel like one of those über popular writers.  You know, the ones on the back of their books, in their classy outfits, jewelry, just so hair, and perfectly manicured nails.  Amanda Quick (Jayne Anne Krentz), Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, and so on. 

For being writers, they look really classy and put together.  I wonder if they always look like that when they are brainstorming in the middle of the night, the glare of a laptop making them look haggard, because we all know that laptop light is not flattering.

They probably don’t.  I realize that those are glamour shots on the back of the books.  (I want a glamour shot like that…)

So, while I may spend half my days in the yard killing my paint jobs and adding to the already lost cause of hangnail, having a nice polish on my nails makes me feel good.  Now, that being said, like the title says, wait till your nails are dry before typing. It’s killer on the tips and if they are wet, smudge central.  Right now I’m tempting fate since I just painted them… Oh well, that’s what nail polish remover is for.

For those of you who like to pain their nails regularly, check out these two blogs.  Polish You Pretty is all about the hippest polishes and designs.  I crave half the colors they review.

And The Lacquer Log where Gigi posts reviews of the nail polishes she has enjoyed. (again, half of them I want)

Signing off



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