A Good Children’s Story

A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest. ~ C. S. Lewis

I think that statement quite profound and really quite true.  I love children’s books.  Good children’s books.  It helps that I keep my eyes open for new children’s books for my sister who has down syndrome.  She is a perpetual child, so I have gotten my fill of listening to Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, Harry Potter, The American Girl Collection, The Hobbit, and various others.  I keep my eyes open for ones that sound interesting at the library, and yes, I occasionally read them myself.  Why, even today I brought home a book from the juvenile section.

Now, most of the time I find it hard to get into the Happy Hollister books, or the American Girl books… Lord please no…., but I respect and appreciate them. I mean, I did go through all of those several times.  I actually find it easier to read picture books!  Yes, I love to look through picture books.  I am not ashamed of admitting it because its true.

I have been criticized for being in the picture books by library employees.  Yes, they think I’m too old to be there.  Um, when my goal is to write picture books, how is it too old to be there?  I just brush it off and go back to reading Dr. Seuss, Bill Peet, Jill Barklem, and others that I find fun.  When I come across a new picture book I bring it home for my mother to evaluate as well. I like her take on books because, well, it was her reading to me and my sister as much as she did that created a monster of a reader… ME! 

I think more people should try out a children’s book now and then.  Many of them are quite enjoyable despite their association with a younger audience.  I mean, the whole Narnia series is meant for children, but I still find them quite fascinating.  Same with various other books. 

I could go on and on about this, but I dare you to go into the children’s section of the library or book store and find a children’s book to read.  There are some really great ones out there.  (there are also some really bad ones too, but then they are not good children’s stories)

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8 thoughts on “A Good Children’s Story

  1. One of my favorite things about being a parent is having an obvious excuse for checking out tons and tons of children’s books. I love picture books too. Mo Willems is a favorite around here for his humor. I love the one in which the characters suddenly become all self-conscious about the fact that they’re in a book. (This would be a more helpful referral if I could remember the title, but I believe it’s one of his Elephant books.)

    Have you and your sister read The Borrowers by Mary Norton? The Five-Year-Old and I are about halfway through the five-book series and I’m loving it nearly as much as she is. She’s also reading The Great Brain detective series with her dad. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet myself, but apparently it’s about a child detective in 1880s America, so you know I’ll be snatching it up right after they’re done.

    • Ooh, see, being a parent is a perfect excuse for going to the picture books. I think I read The Borrowers, but I know my sister hasn’t. Thank you for the recommendation! And I’ve heard of The Great Brain, but never read them myself. I know I am going to have to check those out now that I know the time period. How fun. Right now I’ve been on the lookout for anything good for my sister. She has fallen in love with the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books, both of which I could never really like. So she has lots to read now…. 🙂

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