The Typewriter

In lieu of actually typing this bit of very free form poetry, you can see the actual typed copy in the picture above. I love typing on it, but when I have to hunt and peck for keys, it isn’t always easy, nor is the fact that there is not ‘deleting’ backspace button like my laptop.

My mother mentioned she enjoyed hearing the typewriter the past few days as I was typing up some things. I’ve missed it as well.

Oh, and there is no ‘plus’ (+) key on a typewriter. I don’t even know how to make it! And to make the exclamation point is exactly what I said.


Signing off


I posted this little gem over on Escaping the Inkwell, my ‘writing blog’. For those of you who follow that as well, you’ve already seen it, but I wanted to share my writing space with my other readers. Enjoy.

Escaping the Inkwell

I decided that I needed to post a picture of my writing space after Mrs. Austen asked me if I was still trying to write at my desk.  I was also inspired by Marvin Allan Williams’ post on his writing space.

So there it is. My great-grandfather’s desk.  He used to pay the bills sitting at it, according to my father. I remember when it used to have a fireman on a pole that would bobble down when you raised the fireman to the top of the pole. I still have that toy. There are little things I remember about the desk.

For years I’ve sort have used it as a catch-all. Not quite what it was intended for. It’s only been recently that I’ve started using it for writing and I’ve become quite attached.  It’s still too cluttered by half across the top, but I have a lot of things…

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