An Autumn Sort of Morning


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It’s a cold autumn morning, but it’s not

as crackling grasses shudder in the cold north wind

deer hunt for succulent greens

their backs turned to the biting force

only the calendar says it’s March

those grids of numbers and lines

words to trick us into believing

that warmth is just around the corner

but I’m not fooled

I know that it’s still autumn

As the cold wind blows.

Okay, well I looked out the window this morning to see deer grazing in the open pasture behind the house.  The wind was blowing a very cold draft from the north, biting and with the brown grasses blowing, it felt and looked just like autumn.  Three days ago it was a balmy early spring day, but not so much today.  It’s frigid, and cold, and I do not want to be outside. 


Signing off


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