I’m In a Snowglobe

Today I’m in a snowglobe

My thoughts are whirring round

Landing ever so softly

On the frozen ground.

~K.L. Branson

That is my concession for the snow falling today.  I looked out the window and it felt like I was in a snowglobe.  I want to play around with the start of this because it seems fun, but that is all I have for now. I may drop it, or I may continue.  Right now I have millions of ideas floating around.

Persephone Books

Persephone Books (Photo credit: RachelH_)

I just received the catalogue and biennial magazine from Persephone Books in the mail today.   Oh my gosh do they have a wonderful catalogue!  They list all of their 96 books which includes a synopsis, a glimpse of the endpaper, and sometimes another picture of the author.  The catalogue is truly delightful.  I plan to order at least one book from them just because.  I found a couple titles that sound wonderful and I’m excited, despite them being paperback.  I’ll live.  Oh, they also included a bookmark from one of the books they sell.  It’s really amazing.  I am so thrilled I found this company. I want to tell everyone about them.

So, for it being a leap year, I expected to see a post on the Freshly Pressed about it, but nothing.  I guess it isn’t that big of a deal.  I think it’s kind of fun, especially since it was today that we had our first decent snowfall all year.  There Has to be some irony in there.  I’m just not sure where.

Signing off