Post 2 : A Haiku A Day

Bear with me, I’m making this up on the spot. 


A winter moondance

Little whispers of silver

Floating on the trees


Okay, it’s not bad.  I didn’t pull out the haikubes today, and I was not inspired at all to write, but, the moon is out, not full, but bright in the cold winter sky.  I have a fascination with the moon, so this goes. I hope the last line steps to the side like Kaitlin, over on The Athlete Series, recommended I do. Well, I guess it will just take practice.

Signing off


Flash Fiction : Adventure Awaits

They set forth in their sailboat.  The ivory sails billowed and the rigging was taut from the sturdy breeze from the north.  They sailed down the loch, hoping to reach the open waters before nightfall.  The mist floated down the steep cliffs as little whitecaps were sliced in two by the prow of the boat.

Adventure awaited, from who knew where, but it was the possibility that was exciting.  Anything could happen.  They might meet fierce pirates or escape some fantastic, mythical beast.  It was all in the unknown that called them forth.  Forth to make their fortune.  Forth to find their own true loves.

Adventure awaits those who are willing to answer the call.


Yup, see, I told you I was in a flash fiction mode.  I think I will attempt a couple more of these before I hit burnout. Good practice.  Again, this picture comes from Little Slices Of Awesomeness.

Signing off


Post 1 : Haiku A Day

Well, I’m sort of tackling WordPress’s 365 posting…. A haiku a day.  Bear with me as I attempt to learn the fine are of haikuing (yeah, I know that is probably not a word.)

Now, I’m a couple of days behinds, but I’ll make up for it by the end of the year.  Or I’ll post a couple of haikus a day.  Today you get two, so I will only be three behind.  Please, please comment if you know something about haiku that I do not put into mine.  I’m going off of guess work.

Oh, and all of this is coming from my Haikubes… please bear with me.


A Regret About My Romantic Life

My fantasy left

It went slowly through us

The touches are gone


 A Vision For Our World

A gentle fortune

Shines after the last thunder

Leaves us melodic


Even I’m not terribly impressed.  I guess right now it is more just getting the feeling out.  I hope to be more eloquent as time goes by.  I want to thank Jesse for his encouragement.  I might not have attempted this had I not seen his blog.

Signing off


Flash Fiction : Surveying His Domain

He stood on his front porch surveying all he owned.  It was a small working farm his grandfather had left him.  It had been  in severe disrepair when he had first stepped foot on it three months ago. Buildings in need of paint, lawn almost waist-high grass, a road in need of grading and possibly new gravel.

He had stood, staring in shock and dismay at the total dilapidation of everything. How in the world would he ever get it fixed up?

Now, three months later, the place was starting to look cared for.  While the house and barn still needed painting, the old peeling paint had been scraped away, awaiting a fresh coat of paint.  The lawns were mown, though there were bare patches where weeds had been pulled.  Wood was piled high near the barn waiting to be stacked.

Yes, everything was at peace and in its place.  He stood in his shirtsleeves surveying his domain.

Flash fiction time.  I’ve been inspired by Little Slices Of Awesomeness, a Tumblr blog that I have fallen in love with.  I think I could write a piece for almost every picture that is posted.  Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Signing off


A Haiku For You

After an unexpected belated Christmas gift from my parents, I was inspired to create a whole bunch of haikus today.  Haikubes are these amazing dice you roll to create your own haikus.  I posted about them over on Escaping the Inkwell in the post Writer’s Inspirational Tools, and now I have them!  Yay.

Well, after spending some time with my sister this afternoon, we came up with these six haikus.  For those of you who do not know, my sister has down syndrome, so sometimes, it always amazes me of her insight.

My Haikus

A reflection on my work life

Dilemma as grace

opens one for melodic

time in wet water

A desire for my work life

Overlook torture

the hmmmm slips down a fast time

happy fire in  limbs

A desire for my family

My home touches me

stay full of grand thunder

a sleep calls to grace


Now my sister’s haikus:

A regret on my romantic life (she has none, so this was just funny)

It calls her moonlight

clear dreaming into fathom

places with travel

A reflection on my future

In your shady flock

she sang for sleeping in peace

shelter honestly

A reflection on our world

It’s your life my limbs

is my god watching me too

what a grand feeling

So, there you have it.  Personally, I think my sister’s haikus are much more brilliant than mine.  Insightful in ways. I think we will have fun playing around with these, and I know I will especially find use for them.  I saw ways to open up my ideas to other things.

Signing off