Chuck Says Goodbye

For those of you who followed NBC’s Chuck for the last five years, this is for you.  It’s been a great run, and I’m sad to see it go after rooting for Mr. Chuck Bartowskifor five years.  Pardon, Charles Carmichael.

Chuck Bartowski

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From gaining the Intersect, to loosing it, to getting a newer version, to loosing it, to Morgan, to Sarah, and finally back to Chuck, it’s been a blast.

I shall miss all the people of the Buy More.  Jeffster, you guys rock.

With a finale that left us with hope for the two lovebirds, and maybe just a smidge of a possibility that Chuck may someday return, we can all be happy with the way it ended.

To add a slight silly note, though, Zachary Levi, if you ever read the fan blogs…, I’m available, and  I am a Christian, along your lines…. 🙂  Okay, maybe that is wishful thinking.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

So, thanks to Zachary, Yvonne, Adam, Joshua, Ryan, Sarah, Mark, Vik, Scott,  and Bonita.  You guys made a wonderful cast, and memorable characters.  We shall miss you all.

Signing off