BookMooch : World’s Greatest Book Site Ever!

Bookmooch.comA while ago someone directed me to this great place called BookMooch.

And what is BookMooch you ask?  Well, my dear reader, let me tell you.  BookMooch is a place where you can list books you want to get rid of, and in turn, for ever book you send out, you earn a point.  For each point, you can have a book you want sent to you.  At no cost.  Pretty much the only cost is sending out the book.  You get points for adding books to send off, and you get points for sending a book to a ‘moocher’.  You spend points by ‘mooching’ a book from another member.

So far, I have sent off two books, and I have received one.  I have two others that should be coming soon, and one I will have to send off this week.  It’s amazing.  It was a blast to send off two books I didn’t want, which is a miracle in itself, as I keep most of my books.  And it was even more delightful to receive a book in the mail today. 

I highly recommend this site to anyone who has a ton of books they don’t want to keep.  Now, I’m all for giving used books to my Friends of the Library, but at the same time, most of the books I’ve done that with, seem to be in the book sales over and over.  I know at least that a book I send off will probably stay with the person who ‘mooched’ it from me.  Isn’t it great?  

Plus, then I can look for books I want or need.  The book I had come to me today is one I needed for research in my never-ending quest for writing the perfect query letter.  And all it cost me, was to send off a book. Yeah, I could have probably found it via amazon, used.  But it probably would have cost me more.  Besides, it’s a community type thing. You get to meet other readers this way.

Well, I think any reader would appreciate this site.  Check it out.

Signing off