Flash Fiction : Twilight

She was stuck in bed.  Left to recuperate from a painful past couple of days.  She looked out her window, the panes fogging up in cold twilight air.  The sky was so clear, but there were sea-foam clouds courting the mountains.  Clouds that were graced with lavender and hot pink.  Like that of a teenage girl ready for a night on the town. 

Lavender skies.  Cold.  It made her cold just to look at it.  Twilight time always made her feel lonely.  A bit sad inside.  She wasn’t sure why.  Maybe it was that day was done, and the night had not fully come on.  And it wasn’t as if the night bothered her.  No, she liked the dark velvet skies.  Skies filled with millions of twinkling diamonds.  No, that didn’t make her feel the sadness.

But twilight.  That time between times.  When the earth got cold and dark shadows lengthened.  Maybe it was the unknown.  She always felt like something bad would happen at that time.  And she felt it most in the winter.

Twilight in the summer was different.  Safer.  Warmer.  Now it was so cold.  So very cold.

She switched on a light by her bed and the room filled with the warmth of being inside on such a cold day. 


And like her… whoever she is, I am stuck in bed, trying to feel better, so well, perfect time for some self-pitying flash fiction.  I have been really bad about getting any more haikus out, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow, or sometime.

Signing off