Post 6 : A Haiku A Day

A Reflection On….

Any light between

Embraced timidly with love

Parallel tangles


Ah yes.  Thank you Haikubes.  I have no idea what I was getting at.  It’s a relection on something, and the word reflection made me think of light.  The rest of the words sort of just fit.

Signing off


Flash Fiction : What Can I Get You?









Can I pour you a drink?  I only have Don Julio right now. 

Do you like it with lime?  And salt? 

 Let me pour you a shot. 

Cheers.  We’ll toast to life. 

Can I pour you another? 

Won’t you stay a little longer? 

You don’t want to get drunk? 

 Well, would you care for something else?  I’m afraid this is all I have. 

 You have to go? 

 It was fun.  Let’s do it again soon.

Okay, picture this as a one-sided conversation.  I was going somewhere completely differently in my mind until I saw that it was only tequila in the picture.

Enjoy.  Oh, and we’ll have to do this again soon.

Signing off


Post 5 : A Haiku A Day

Spicy marjoram

A wood of vetiver calm

Thinking of cedar


Okay, I was in my essential oils closet tonight, trying to come up with something for pain killer-ness.  I sort of found it in the marjoram and vetiver, and the combo smelled like cedar.  I know, really inspirational…. 

But, if you are one who loves essential oils, then you might get it.  For this perfect combo, use two drops marjoram and one drop vetiver in 15 drops of jojoba oil.  Massage…. or just smell because it is this perfect woodsy scent.

Signing off